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The Chant I have for You

Talk to me Cutters!

Psssst! Cutter! Yeah, you!

Voila asked me to lann you some chant about the latest gossip in the Cage. I'd be only to happy to...where d'you want me to start? Don't you think Shemeshka's looking plumper these days? Could it be that she's finally...no, better not say that. But what about Erin? I hear she's been seen wearing the same hat two days in a row! Oh, the scandal of it! And have you seen who Kylie's taking to hanging around with? We all know what Factol Rowan's got on his mind! I'm just surprised he'll part with the jink. Oops, there I go again...it's just as well I don't have feet, or I'd never get them out of my mouth...

Errrm...what was it you wanted to know again?


Read all about it! The latest news, views, reviews and tanar'ri stews from Sigil and beyond. Now the Hardheads have stopped hassling the newsrag will they ever hear the end of it? I doubt it...those SIGIS culler-anarchist types are well known for bearing grudges. And have you seen the competition lately? The Tempus Sigilian took a nose dive off Suicide Alley and has been bought out by some shady character, who promply renamed it the "Bonebox Riddler" and shoved the whole caboodle back on the streets again. If the berks wouldn't buy it the first time...but I'm rattling again...

Cage RattlersChattering Mimir

Berk, I've got the best contacts, and I know more high-up's secrets than you could shake a viper tree at. And as you asked so nicely, I'll spill the whole sodding lot of them to you. Can't keep them in, you see...manufacturer's fault, Voilá! says. Anyway, if you want to know who's plotting against, sleeping with, or chumming around with who in the Cage you're listening to the right blood.

Our Serene Lady of Pain

She's the most important lady on the planes, and berk, she ain't even female. At least, not if this mimir's chant's to be believed. Find out the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but a pack of lies, here...

Rumours and Lies


Less of the latter, please! My metal ears are always open to new gossip, and I'll tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear. Collected from planewalkers from all over the shop, I have a record of dozens of plots and events that SIGIS itself would kill to get hold of. Hah, they don't pay nearly well enough...



Amusing, bemusing, or downright confusing, this is a collection of witticisms and proverbs I've heard in my time. Looking for a joke to slip inside a birthday card to your factol? Or a short saying you can use to annoy that special someone in your life? Find it here...

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