Theatre of Harmony
Theatre of Harmony

Theatre of Harmony

Hallowed End, Lower Ward


The Theatre of Harmony occupies an abandoned church of a long forgotten power. The owner, Bellus (planar half-elf bard [he/him] / Transcendent Order / NG) chose the site for its aura of reverence. He heads the Elysium Choir, although that is not their real name. Bellus intentionally left the naming of his Choir to his audience, to best represent his purpose.

The church itself is made of perhaps two dozen pews, a raised dais, and a small podium. The acoustics, however, are perfect, or near perfect, at least. The churches ceiling rises for nearly two stories, and Bellus has kept the original stained glass for a soothing visual rainbow.

Bellus espouses the belief that the perfect pitch, or harmony, can bring about not only peace and comfort to hurt or lost souls, but can aid in mental, physical, and spiritual healing. He intends to bring ‘a piece of Elysium to Sigil through sound.’

Meanwhile, Bell’s holds performances regularly within the Theatre’s walls. In addition, he rents space and time to other performances. In effect, the Theatre is always busy, and a citizen can always find some sort of entertainment there.

Wren Anton

Bellus leaves the details of the Theatre to his financial partner, Wren Anton (prime human 0-level [she/her] / Fraternity of Order / LG). She manages the schedules for rehearsals and performances, and manages the books. She also keeps track of the members of the Choir proper.

Current chant is that the soothing music of the Elysium Choir does indeed enhance healing. Many sick or wounded spend a day there resting and listening to the Choir practice, and return to their homes or hospitals in vastly improved condition. Rehearsals are free, but performances are not.

Another small chant is that the Choir’s sound is painful to fiends. There are reports of baatezu or tanar’ri squirming at the sounds, and once a fiend yelled at the top of its ‘lungs’ to drown out the music, before being thrown out of the performance.

The dark is that Bellus and Wren has a specific purpose in mind. Wren has joined Bellus in investigating a universal loophole, the effect of music and sound upon the fabric of the multiverse. Of course, she catalogues every note, chord, progression, octave, etc., in order to discover the right combination of notes that will manipulate the multiverse. Meanwhile, Bellus has been experimenting with different sounds and noting the effects on passers by.

Bellus has a further goal. He intends to find the right song or note that will negate the effects of the Gray Waste, such that he can journey there unfazed. It is believed that he lost a loved one in the Waste, and intends, one day to journey there to find the soul.

Source: Monte Lin

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