The Arched Gardens
The Arched Gardens

The Arched Gardens

Rue Vert, Lady’s Ward

The idea was fairly simple, originally. Seyn Onsawn (planar human priest [she/her] / Fraternity of Order / LG) received permission from her high-ups to build a small park on a lot recently made vacant by the dabus. Because space is precious in Sigil, she was told to give her park (part of a Sigil Beautification program) ‘a vertical aspect.’ So, she built a series of sturdy, interconnected platforms, which emphasised climbing vines and flowers. The plants were grown around the arches that held the platforms up, creating a vertical park called the Arched Gardens.

The Gardens are open to anyone, but, at the Harmonium’s request, a small fee must be paid to enter (no more than a silver piece) — this is mainly to keep beggars from trying to live there. The structure, which resembles the plant-covered skeleton of a building, is lined with all manner of exotic plants. The air feels fresher here, and the Ached Gardens, due to the partial privacy the many columns provide, is now known as a place a man takes a lady he wishes to court.

The side effect of this, however, is that with all those arches, the place is effectively filled with doorways, and thus with portals. Certain areas are avoided as ‘portal-rich’ and therefore risky. As a result, a fair number of odd people and creatures have stumbled into Sigil through the Gardens. Links to the following places are known to exist, at least sometimes, in the Gardens: at least two Prime worlds, Brux of the Beastlands, Abellio of Arcadia, The Garden in Baator, Cathrys of Carceri, Olympus of Arborea, and Mechanus.

Source: Belarius

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