Industrial Stitches
Industrial Stitches

Industrial Stitches

Located adjacent to the Great Foundry is a trolley-track expanse of land owned and operated by the Mind’s Eye (and before them the Believers of the Source). An ore preparation facility, teams of its workers push mine carts around the criss-crossinq tracks in order to separate ores destined for the Foundry’s enormous forges. It was nick-named the Industrial Stitches because chordwise from the other side of Sigil its tracks resemble cat-gut stitches pulled taut over a vicious wound. Dusty and covered in dirt, it is a major contributor to the pollution level of the Ditch. The facility’s dumping of waste into the river has brought the ire of an extremist group called the Rosebringers (also known as the Beautification League or the Decorators). Their incessant picketing of the site has forced the need for regular Harmonium and Mind’s Eye guards along the fences at all hours. While the sect has sent petitions to the Hall of Records and filed charges at the City Courts, most all who have encountered the Rosebringers dismiss them as little more than a lunatic fringe.

“Reduce, reuse, recycle…”

— a Decorator slogan in tune with the Rule-of-Threes

Canonical Sources:

  • In the Cage: A Guide to Sigil by Wolfgang Baur and Rick Swan, pg. 49.
  • Polyhedron #137 article ‘Of Sigil and the Sea’; William James Cuffe, more info on that here.

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