From Primes to Planewalkers
From Primes to Planewalkers

From Primes to Planewalkers

Copperman Way, Guildhall Ward

Located in a small building on Copperman Way in the Market Ward that doesn’t seem to attract much attention to itself, From Primes to Planewalkers is akin to a lost person’s search team. The agency has the reputation of being the best at locating beings that have gone missing or are on the run. They are occasionally employed by the Harmonium and Guvners to aid them in the search for criminals or other berks that are required for ‘questioning’. The Revolutionary League and several other factions use the business to keep a tab on the location of various faction members.

From Primes to Planewalkers will accept any and all business, with few questions asked. The starting cost is 10 jinx to hire them. An additional fee between 100 – 1000 jinx will be added when the person being searched for is apprehended/found. If the person has been written into the dead-book the cost is only 100 jinx and all personal effects found on the body will be given to the searchers. The price ranges because of various expenses during the trips, travel around the plane doesn’t come cheap. Bristol Burnkoff (prime human fighter [he/him] / N), the owner, often travels the planes himself and picks up on a lot of the chant. For a prime he is far from clueless, some say he knows more of the dark of it than most planars. If you don’t need to find anyone but would like some info on events spanning the plane he’s the one to talk to.

‘Course information don’t come cheap, prices range from a jink for near meaningless info, to thousands for very delicate information. Even he doesn’t know it all so, if he says he can’t tell you then he doesn’t know.

Bristol is not willing to describe the prime world he came from, all he says is that it is not known to many. (I hear that the portal to his prime world is in his back room and requires a special dagger from that world to be activated.)

Burnkoff employs hundreds or thousands (he’s cagey about it) of humanoids and has experience with many of the different races on the planes. He’s not a blood to cross because he can find you anywhere, at any time, and get you written into the dead-book, (and probably make 110 jinx off of it too).

Source: Shawn “Elfbane” Gray

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