Drunken Dabus
Drunken Dabus

Drunken Dabus

Astoria Road, Market Ward

This modest tavern is run by the outward and friendly Adia Panamaa (planar tiefling fighter [she/her] / Hands of Havoc / CN). She has small yellowish conical horns, somewhat hidden in her thick turquoise hair. Her face looks just as any normal humans would except for her eyes are feline. Her fingernails are always red, as if she was wearing nail polish, but it never seems to change in shade. Though hidden most of the time, you will notice if she personally shows you to your room, she has a long thin tail extending from the tails of her coat.

The Drunken Dabus is a fairly new inn, clearly visible by the tables which seem to lack the vulgar graffiti common to older inns. The bar serves a wide variety of drinks you will find nowhere else. The Inn also serves full meals and has a meeting room which can be reserved for parties. The Drunken Dabus has twenty four rooms about half of which are vacant at all times. Rooms run around 8 stingers a night, but if you want a private bath the suites run about 3 jinx a night, long term stays can be negotiated.

The Dark: Adia Panamaa is a cell leader for the Hands of Havoc and often the meeting room is in use by her and her cell. I’ve heard whispers that she is currently working on plans to assassinate Factol Sarin of the Harmonium. Also underneath the inn lies a small section of the catacombs. A cavern in the torus, unlike most of Undersigil, this area is very clean and well lit with many oil lanterns. This is the place where Adia hides her members of her cell when a Harmonium patrol enters the dabus for a little afternoon refreshment. Within this are there are two doorways, one from the inn into the cavern, and one leading in to larger parts and other pathways of the catacombs. This is also an area where Adia keeps weapons, scrolls, magical items, and the like for slightly more devious uses then her outward appearance may describe.

I managed to smuggle a drinks menu out of the tavern, and have included it below, along with my thoughts on the contents of these drinks. Let it be known Brix is happy to research his Guides thoroughly! Please note that many mortals may find some of these beverages poisonous.

The Drunken Dabus Exclusive Drink List

  • Pan Planar Fiend Buster (1 jinx)
    A mixture of every pleasant drink you can find.
  • Claremont’s Bytopian (4 jinx)
    Four shots whiskey, and melon juice served in a bilayered cup
  • Vine o’ Styx (2 stingers)
    Place a sprig of razorvine in the River Styx, ferment 10 Years, and serve very hot.
  • Baator’s Best 95 green)
    Half blood, half whiskey
  • Tanar’ri Twister (4 stingers)
    1 part caustic acid, 14 parts beer, 15 parts puréed rosebuds and thorns
  • Lady’s Delight (1 stinger)
    Extra sharp whiskey
  • The Green Prime (2 jinx)
    1 part vodka, 1 part wheatgrass, 1 part coconut rum
  • Acheron Alteration (3 stingers)
    Sugarcubes, whiskey
  • Cager’s Cocktail (3 jinx)
    Pineapple juice, rum, vodka
  • Celestia Slam (9 stingers)
    10000 parts Rum; 1 part dragon scales
  • Grasshopper Covered Gehennan (2 stingers)
    Live Grasshoppers under brandy and magma
  • Beastlands Breaker (3 green)
    Tiger teeth mixed with poor quality wine
  • Purple Knight-of-the-Post (1 jinx)
    Wine mixed any other liquor. Don’t let the customer know which.

Source: Gregg Fuller

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