Fallen Angel Inn
Fallen Angel Inn

Fallen Angel Inn

Strumpet Lane, Hive Ward

Of all the sleazy dives in the Hive, the Fallen Angel sets the standards of low. Slouching just off Strumpet Lane, the Fallen Angel resides underground, beneath a rusting metal dome. A pair of rickety wooden towers sway on either side of the sunken entrance-way. Inside, a den of inequity unlike any you’ll find in… oh, about three blocks. The proprietor of the Fallen Angel is Kohhenburg the Livid (planar tiefling fighter [he/him] / NE), a tiefling of gehrelethi decent. Under Kohhenberg’s (known as the Stinking One) thumb, the Fallen Angel hires aasimar of less than noble standing.

Without mincing words, the Fallen Angel is a strip-club based on using celestial-related dancers and help. Thus, it has become a popular hang-out for fiends, tieflings, and others of an evil bent. Due to the abuses, the patrons heap upon the employees, few stay long.

Drinks are served along with the stageshow, and rooms (and companions) can be rented. Food is available with a room. Employees are of all genders (f/m/n). A little-known fact is that all the profits are funnelled back to Kohhenburg’s father, a gehreleth, in Carceri.

Services: Drinks, live dancers, rooms, affection negotiable.


  • Entry: 1 stinger
  • Drinks: 1 green and up
  • Rooms: 3 jinx and up (per companion)
  • Food: 1 jinx (standard meal)
  • Fines for killing employee: 2 merts

Source: Christopher Dale Nichols

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