Realm Towns of Mag Mell
Realm Towns of Mag Mell

Realm Towns of Mag Mell

Burgs of Mag Mell

In the realm of Mag Mell, there are four villages, each distinct in mood, theme, and fey influence. These villages are unique expressions of the realm’s varied aspects, from mirth to mystery.


Known as the Village of Laughter, Conall is the embodiment of joy and jest in Mag Mell. The buildings here are brightly coloured, with doors that play tunes when opened and windows that change colors with the weather. The streets are alive with performers—jesters, comedians, and bards—and laughter rings through the air like music. The fey folk here love practical jokes, but always in good spirit. The central square has a magical fountain that spurts out different beverages, and it’s not uncommon for impromptu dance parties to erupt. In Conall, the mood is always light, and the air is charged with the exhilaration of endless celebration.


This village, shrouded in mystery and ancient magic, is a stark contrast to Conall’s brightness. Known as the Village of Whispers, Cromlech is a place where the past seems to seep into the present. Stone circles and ancient ruins dot the landscape, and the air is thick with the weight of untold secrets. The buildings are made of old stone, covered in moss and ivy, and the streets are often shrouded in mist. Here, the fey are more solemn, guardians of ancient knowledge and lore. The mood in Cromlech is contemplative, urging visitors to look inward and ponder the mysteries of life and death.


The Village of Bounty, Westcote, is a testament to the richness of Mag Mell. It’s a place of lush gardens, abundant orchards, and bountiful harvests. The buildings are intertwined with nature, with roofs covered in greenery and walls that bloom with flowers in the spring. The fey here are nurturing and generous, sharing the abundance of the land with all. Westcote’s mood is nurturing and peaceful, a reminder of the simple pleasures of life and the importance of sharing and community.


Delaney, heralded as the Village of Endless Twilight, is a realm where the mystical intersection of day and night creates a perpetual dusk, casting the village in a magical, ethereal light. The architecture here is an enchanting fusion of shadow and light, with buildings that shimmer as if caught between two worlds. The streets gently glow, lit by lanterns that flicker with starlight, and the sky above is a canvas of deep blues and purples, with the first stars of evening always twinkling.

The fey of Delaney are beings of twilight, embodying the transition and balance between day and night. They move like whispers on the wind, elusive and enigmatic, guardians of the secrets that dusk brings. In this village, the mood is serene yet charged with potential, like the moment just before a secret is revealed.

Canonical Source: On Hallowed Ground [2e] p72-73 (map)

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

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