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Acheron — Layer the Third

The Oblique Geometries of Tintibulus, the Strife of Clamour

Themes of the Layer: Personification of impending doom, ill omens, disquiet, the wrecking plane

Imagine a realm where the very fabric of reality is shattered into myriad geometric shapes, each remnant evidence of the ceaseless collisions that define the landscape. This is Tintibulus, the Strife of Clamour where ceaseless noise reigns as the fractured solids clash in a deafening cacophony.

In Tintibulus, the sky is a canvas of gray, streaked with rust-red clouds that hang ominously overhead. The geometric boulders are a gritty stone, coated with a layer of ashen dust that whispers tales of ancient cataclysms. Everywhere you look, geometric solids of all shapes and sizes tumble through the air, colliding with a thunderous roar that echoes through the emptiness.

Unlike the other layers of Acheron, where six-sided cubes dominate, Tintibulus is a realm of many diverse geometries: tetrahedra, octahedra, dodecahedra, and more. When these shapes collide, they fracture along natural fault lines, creating the symphony of destruction that reverberates throughout the plane. Each collision sends shockwaves rippling through the landscape, cracking the stone and revealing intricate hexagonal patterns beneath.

Few creatures dare to call Tintibulus home, for the constant clamor drives even the hardiest souls to deafness, or madness. The only inhabitants are the mysterious chronotyryns, enigmatic beings whose very presence seems to warp time itself. Some say they are the personification of impending doom, lurking in the shadows and whispering dark omens to those who dare to listen.

But despite its desolation, Tintibulus holds a strange allure for scholars and arcanists drawn to its secrets. Some come seeking to unravel the mysteries of its fractured solids, hoping to unlock the secrets of cosmic order hidden within the apparent chaos. Of course, being a plane of law, what appears to be chaos is really highly complex order, and if a cutter can crack that code, they’ve surely tumbled to a secret of the multiverse. Yet others are drawn by the magical properties of the ashen dust that blankets the landscape, believing it holds the key to untold power.

Yet for most, Tintibulus remains a place of dread and despair, a realm where the very air vibrates with the promise of disaster. It is a plane where even brave souls tread lightly and carefully, knowing that here, amidst the wreckage of reality, the line between order and chaos is thin as a razor’s edge.

Locations of Tintibulus

  • Sea of Chiming Stones (site)
    • Hopping Tower, the (site)
  • Patterned Web (realm of Wee Jas)
    • Arcane Well, the (site)

Powers of Tintibulus

  • Wee Jas (Oerdian power of magic and death)

More details to follow!

Source: Jon Winter-Holt

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