Dead-Book: the Musical
Dead-Book: the Musical

Dead-Book: the Musical

Lyrics by Skypti and Jon Winter-Holt; audible glamer by Jon Winter-Holt

Dead-Book: the Musical

A musical about a soul who arrives on the Outer Planes but isn’t assigned a plane to go to. Each of the Outsider races competes to win the soul to their side. Playing for a limited time only at the Théatre Brouillard, Sigil.

“We know what’s best,” the archons all sing.
“There’s peace and there’s order, if that’s your kind of thing.”

“Follow your heart,” the eladrin cry,
“Do the right thing, let the law pass you by.”

But the guardinals smile, watch, and merrily sing.
And know more than you think, at the top of the Ring.

What of the rilmani, what do they desire?
They steal all the secrets, and lock them up in the Spire!

“We are the greatest!” the baatezu say
They’ll give you a mert and take your soul away!

“I am the best!” the tanar’ri shout,
They’ll drag you Abyss-wards; and you won’t ever get out.

But the yugoloths smile, they watch and they wait.
They won’t steal your soul, but they will steal your fate!

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