Théatre Brouillard
Théatre Brouillard

Théatre Brouillard

Théatre Brouillard

Location: Sigil / Clerks’ Ward / Silver Arch, Wailing Row

The Théatre entrance in the Clerks’ Ward

Palzari, a Signer blood with a vision, established her Théatre Brouillard only a couple of cycles ago, but it’s already become popular with the movers and shakers of the Cage. Although the theatre proper is located somewhere in the Deep Ethereal, there’s no shortage of customers because there’s a portal entrance situated conveniently in the Clerks’ Ward. The portal key is a three-pronged fork, although most patrons use the flyers that Harys Hatchis hands out for the Théatre, which has the self-same symbol inscribed upon it.

Once a body pays the entry fee at the enclosed box office (it’s so small and square that you can see why they dubbed it the box), steps through the portal and and recovers from the momentary disorientation that always follows trips to demiplanes on the Deep Ethereal (due to the changes in local physics, they say), they’re always amazed by the view. The Théatre is constructed without a ceiling or floor, so the boiling colours of the Ethereal flood the space with mystical light. Multiple platforms float in the ether, connected by wooden beams or chains. There are chairs, wooden steps, stools, rock benches; all sorts of places for the audience to perch, which is good because the audience come in all shapes and sizes.

Dead-Book: the Musical

A musical about a soul who arrives on the Outer Planes
but isn’t assigned a plane to go to.
Each of the Outsider races competes
to win the soul to their side.
Playing for a limited time only at the Théatre Brouillard, Sigil.

— currently showing

Palzari’s productions are almost inevitably sold out these days, so a peery basher will have reserved seats already or it’ll mean standing for them throughout. Depending upon the production, the price will vary, but it’s a safe bet that you’re talking gold rather than copper. You’ll also have to bite your tongue if you’re a berk prone to fits of bigotry; you’re as likely to end up sitting next to a fiend as to a mortal patron.

The more expensive platforms are like private boxes

Fire elementals and other heat-loving beings are catered for in a special section of the theatre, however, where the obsidian platforms can handle the heat. If you’re wondering where the strange shadows are coming from, it’s likely they’re being cast by the fiery segment of the house.

While they might not be a stage as such, that’s not a problem for the performers. The central segment of the theatre is actually in the Deep Ethereal itself rather than in the demiplane of the theatre, so the actors and players can float quite happily without support. The nature of the plane makes the acoustics excellent too, though many a prime is left wondering where the musicians’ pit is. In fact, it could be anywhere—it ain’t called the Unseen Orchestra for nothing. Finally, a staff of illusionists can provide props of any proportion, should they be needed though the backdrop of the ethereal is often used, simply because it’s there.

Reviews for the recent production, Edges of Infinity were good. Check SIGIS for details of further productions. Currently running is Dead-Book: the Musical. I hear Palzari’s troop are planning an epic puppetry opera called “The Great Modron March”.

Entry: 4 stingers (stalls) to 100 jinx (Leomund’s secret box)
 Expensive, from 1 stinger
Season Ticket allowing unlimited access: 20 jinx per month

Source: Jon Winter-Holt

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