Anarchist’s Delight
Anarchist’s Delight

Anarchist’s Delight

Rafael de Pinho Camargo and the Digital Fake Band; Lyrics by Phill Howard; Video graphics by Jon Winter-Holt

Anarchist’s Delight

by Phill Howard

Without truth, without meaning,
Without struggle, without screaming,
Submission to the Institution
Homogeneous solution
They’re all against you!
They’re eating your soul!
They’re shoving you down
A bottomless hole.

No! Fucking no!
Fight back! Fight back!
Surprise them and attack!
Tear down their nonexistent rules
Show the high-ups they’re all fools
Don’t give in to subjugation.
Free the oppressed of every nation!

Start it fast or start it slow
Revolution is the key, you know.
The Factols want your loyalty
To the Abyss with them! Join with me!
Together as brothers we’ll push ’em back
By hammering at every crack
It won’t be long, I know it’s true,
Freedom will ring for me and you.

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