Peering into the Depths of Pointlessness
Peering into the Depths of Pointlessness

Peering into the Depths of Pointlessness

Philosophy by Numbers

“Yeah, I’ve got a smile, so what of it? The Bleakers‘ colours? That’s right berk, I happen to follow the Bleakers’ calling. What do you mean? I’ve got to be depressed like all those fools in my faction? You’re pretty green to the Cage, eh? What with your clueless attitude!

“Ever been to the Hive? See the scrawling all over the walls, the claimed turf, the hateful gangs? Worse yet, ever seen the Blood War? Countless fiends all crashing into each other, ichor and gore spattered all over a meaningless battlefield. Good for a Bleaker’s initiation but not much else.

“I’m asking you a question now. Do you wonder why these people fight? Why they hate and destroy each other? Even the factions here in the Cage have been known to go to war! Individuality, simple as a mephit’s summon. A body’ll see someone who’s different, fear the difference; the fear becomes hate, and the hatred leads to all the bloodshed you’ve ever seen. Haven’t seen much yet? Just wait, kid.

“Some bloods say the answer lies in acceptance. The Harmonium’ll tell you to conform to their lifestyle; therein lies the end of hate. Some Signers say that everyone’s their creation so that you’ve got to love it all. It’s all screed, plain as the Spire.

“I’ll tell you the dark of it, and you’d better believe me. Not even my comrades’ll listen to me, and that’s their downfall. See, the end of all hate isn’t acceptance or conformity, it’s pure oblivion. Look at me. C’mon, let me see your clueless face! How do I appear to you? You see my coppery skin, eyes aflame. You fear that, right? No shame, ‘course you do! Now ask me what I see in you.


“That’s right! Absolutely nothing. Your face is the same as every other berk out on that busy street. Same as the fiend over in the corner. Or the bariaur across the way. They’re all the same to me. Complete oblivion. Fear? I can’t fear what I can’t see. And without fear I haven’t the ability to hate. And that’s the answer, berk.

“Join me in oblivion and we can start without fear, hate, prejudice; you can see through my uncaring eyes, view the oblivion that keeps the peace! It’s not for you? Not yet, clueless.

“Just come back when you’re ready.”

Source: Zak Arntson

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