The Monotheist Conspiracy
The Monotheist Conspiracy

The Monotheist Conspiracy

The Monotheist Conspiracy

Sallit (planar tiefling [he/him] / Athar)

Listen berk, I’m going to tell you about a conspiracy that’s greater than anything you ever heard… It involves factions, powers, primes, and even the Lady and her Cage.

Cutter, just because something is commonly believed doesn’t mean that it is always true. I’ll use the example from the history of one of the prime worlds… Everyone believed it was flat, and then some sod tumbled to the idea that the world was actually round like a ball. Imagine that! Of course, this idea wasn’t well liked, and the poor sod got Lost, big time… Why should a truth buried in lies just apply to the geography of some primal world? Could there be some truth shrouded in a sewer pipe of lies? There definitely is!

We Athar aren’t too liked around here. We preach that all of the powers are frauds, and that they are merely mortals that have snatched up enough strong magic and followers. The Godsmen somewhat support us, saying that anyone that works hard enough can become a power… Actually, the other Athar are as close to the dark as they can get without actually realising the truth… I believe that there’s just one more power than the others do. There is indeed a single God, which they have given the silly title “The Greater Unknown”… This God really has no solid name. Sods have given them their own names in their own native tongues… However, despite the many names, there is really only one single God.

Now, you may wonder, how come all these other beings have been confused with being Gods? Well, berk, I’ll tell ya. You see, this God had many servants. These servants ended up being ambitious… they wanted power so they could be like the one God… so they spread around the worlds and enticed others to believe in their power. Now, you all are smart enough to know that belief brings on power, and therefore these spiritual beings fed off of the beliefs of their powers, and gained the abilities to do razzle-dazzle flim-flams that could make even more believe in their pseudo-godhood… What’s more insane is that these beliefs spread to the outer planes, and such…

However, despite all this nonsense on polytheism, there are a good number of cutters that actually believe in the one true God, and have the faith to boot. Why don’t we see these great numbers? Well, think about it, berk… If there was a great number of—obvious—followers of a single God, and word got ’round that said God was the Athar’s Greater Unknown, then people will start to think that the Athar actually had a point. The Takers would see that the Athar and monotheists had the might (and thus were in the right). The Doomguard might realise this injustice, and plead to the Greater Unknown God to aid them in taking care of the “injustice” of the false powers. I don’t even want to get into how the other factions would react… Now, if this sort of revelation was released, with proof, then it would really be bad for the powers—they would lose all their followers over time. Therefore, these powers have actually sent their followers out (against the Divine Compact) to rid the multiverse of the believers in that one True God… See, they have been severely persecuted, and thus remain in hiding waiting for a sign, which I will explain later.

The dark in this conspiracy runs deeper than you think… There is actually one plane that has never been discovered. Not a demiplane, but an actual plane of belief. The portal to it in Sigil is well guarded by the Lady, and the one in the Palace of Judgement in the Outlands is just as heavily protected. The plane is called Haven (alignment unknown) and it is the realm of this God. It has been closed off since who knows how long ago, probably when the other “powers” started having a greater influence. Despite the Cage and the Palace of Judgement, there is only one other place that has a portal into this wondrous plane—inside the Spire. Are you surprised to know that the Spire is hollow? It is, it truly is. For, you see, the Spire is a naturally built tower, with portals to all other places, just like the Cage. The inside of the spire is protected by the believers of the single God. Inside, the effects of the Outlands are negated, and magic can somehow be used. On the bottom level is a large sculpture (perhaps the manifestation of said God?). It is made of crystal, millions of shards coming out of a single point. This is supposed to represent how their God reaches out to the hearts of his believers… Hmm, spikes coming out from one source… does this remind you of the Lady’s coif? Indeed! I speculate she is one of the silent followers of this deity. This is probably why she doesn’t like powers to enter the Cage- she knows they are just mortals with the ability to deceive followers.

Ok, the Spire, Cage, and Lady… that’s just the beginning! Don’t go yet, there’s more. You see, the followers of this God are from ALL races: planar, prime, etc. However, to have them all come together publicly would cause an outrage, especially if no-one sees the baatezu fighting with the tanar’ri worshiping right next to him. Therefore, different “church/palaces” have been set up on seven planes: the Prime, the Astral, the Beastlands, the Abyss (layer unknown), Mount Celestia, Mechanus, and Limbo. There may be some smaller congregations of the believers in the other planes, but these ones are the most powerful. These palace/churches are the only places in the multiverse that have a portal going -into- the Spire… They call this area the Crossroads… Anyways, there are those seven church/palaces. However, the one on the Astral actually is three combined in one, representing the division and also unity of the past, present, and future… so technically there are nine… Add on three hidden kingdoms that also worship the single God, and you have twelve, the twelve nations… Now, this gets even freakier… the heads of each palace or what-not is a proxy of said God, and a disciple of him. They foresee the coming of a prophet child that will teach them how to enter the plane Haven… Some say that the actual material component to open the portal is the blood of one slain by a believer in one of the false powers.

Source: Jessica Barrington

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  1. George

    Today in SIGIS: local Defier rediscovers Christianity once again. Nobody tell him about that backwater Prime World called the Earth

    But jokes aside, I wonder what would Sallit think about Ao and the Luminous being

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