Seekers of the Truth
Seekers of the Truth

Seekers of the Truth

An Atharic cutter, one Nexatl of Dalea (prime human wizard [he/him] / Athar / N), has established three simple principles to cut through the swath of research into the Great Unknown that’s being touted by some Athar philosophers, and made some enemies in both the Athar and other factions at the same time. Nexatl argues that the Great Unknown is itself unknowable, no matter what cutters try. His logic?

The Principle of Order: The Multiverse must be ordered so that mortals can induce laws that reproduce the phenomenon occurring in it.

The Principle of Contingency: The Multiverse must be contingent so that anything can happen at any time, no matter what the laws we have induced dictate. Following through this idea suggests that while mortals have the power to extract knowledge from the Multiverse, the Multiverse always grows bigger to remain bigger than the sum of all mortal knowledge. This principle is hotly denied by both Signers and Guvners, who see it as a direct attack on their faction.

The Principle of Coherence: The Multiverse must be coherent so that events which occur cannot be in contradiction with one another. Nexatl reckons that the apparent contradictions that mortals do occasionally perceive are actually the result of their inherent incapability to measure, sense or feel it. Again, this principle is rejected by another faction; this time the Sensates.

Nexatl concludes that the grail of the Absolute Truth cannot be achieved; it can only be partially understood or perceived.

The old Athar’s speech wasn’t well accepted in the Trianym, and there were many rocks heaved at his podium by annoyed Signers, Guvners and Sensates, but in the Athar-sympathetic tavern called The Lexicon his message was heard and understood. The cutter now operates out of there, trying to convince Athar explorers and theorists that they’re wasting their energy looking for the Unknowable.

Source: Horacio Rubio

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