The Apologists
The Apologists

The Apologists

The Apologists (the Hopeless)

“I’m sorry but, it just doesn’t get any better than this.”

— the Apologist credo

Some people realise that life is fatal, and that death is chronic and never goes into remission. These people realise that life is pain, and the future is no different from the present. Nothing they do will make them happy, for we are all damned to live out our own little hells.

These are the Apologists.

The Apologists know that life will not get better, but rather only worse. Blessings are really curses people are to naive to notice. The Apologists feel that all they can do now is apologise to those who also suffer from this hideous condition known as life.

They Apologise for the sunny days, and apologise for clouds as well. The Apologists do not assign blame, since the fault is the nature of life. Oddly the Apologists will not take a life, nor will they give birth to new life. They feel that life is so bad that death only creates more.


The apologists are never affected by lies, since the nature of the truth is flawed. All lies told to them come “true” and all lies told about them turn out to be false, although they will apologise for that as well.


The apologists have no cause for hope, and depression is a constant thorn in their sides. This high level of apathy prevents them from doing anything completely hence all tasks are automatically left unfinished. For example if they swing a sword, they won’t be able to pull it out, and will not kill the person.

This hindrance has actually made a market for apologists as torturers in Baator, their inability to do anything fully prevents them from killing, and for that matter breaking a prisoner’s will. Hence they make the perfect sadistic torturer. And they apologise for this as well..

I’m sorry…

Source: Randir

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