Reflections of the Infinite
Reflections of the Infinite

Reflections of the Infinite

Reflections of the Infinite

Philosophy by Numbers: the Sign of One

Ah, it is pleasant to meet you. I thought you would be here, but you are more anxious to learn than I expected. I must learn to control my imagining!

“Please, sit! Yes, that glass is for you. Aged Bytopian wine, the grapes mashed before we came into existence. Old indeed. I think you will ask me next about my faction? Of course. You are the part of me that encourages introspection; an activity far too difficult in the busy streets of our Cage. Good thing I believe in a quiet tavern every now and then, yes?

“Now, on to the faction, this Sign of One. I am a member, yes. And the Sign of One is a part of myself, as a part of myself as you are. But I should not begin so complex. No enlightenment was ever achieved by a quick discussion. A lengthy meditation would more suit my purpose.”

“I see you before me. I see your wine glass. Pick it up, that’s it. Now have a drink. Good. Can you explain this? Of course you can. You’ve no need to explain, I know what you will say. Please, if you will, allow me my thoughts. You do wish to understand the Sign of One?

“I see a wine glass before me. I see you before me. I sit at a quiet booth in a lazy tavern in a city atop an infinite pillar. How can this be? Impossible but in the imagination, indeed! So what can this be but my imagination! The wine glass? I am impatient! I will cater to my — your wishes for now.

“The wine glass is as real as the Spire. As real as you can imagine. How did you confirm the reality of the glass? You had no need! Such faith in the world, boy! Look across at the deva in the other booth. How do you know she is real? Or the street outside, or Sigil herself! I’ll tell you the dark of it right now.

“It’s all imagined. Yes, imagined. Earlier this week I felt the need for introspection. I imagined a meeting with a younger, eager part of myself. It was by no stroke of luck that you were referenced to me as a recruiter! I imagined this meeting a week ago. Through my mouth and hands I made the proper arrangements, and through my feet I travelled here. Travelling is not the correct word.

“Shut your yapping bone-box berk,
before I think you out of existence!”

Overheard remark of a Signer

“Through my mouth and hands I led my thoughts to a more concrete meditation. Through my feet I carried my imagination to this calm tavern. Ah! There’s the heart of it all! You are but a part of my imagination. Yes, I know you have your own past. Of course you do! You were born with my first ideas of the Signer’s calling. Through my thoughts and imagined actions within the Sign of One, I have raised you and guided you into this very meeting! My hands and feet and mouth are nothing more than tools for constructing the world of my imagination!

“I thank you for this discussion and in doing so, I thank myself. I have reached another stone on my ascending path of understanding. New questions and predicaments lay themselves before me even as we speak. More like you are born or brought into adolescence, their lives being slowly worked by my imaginings.

“Perhaps I will meet these new meditations in this very booth! But I digress, come and let me show you the Hall of Speakers. As I further understand myself more of you, my inquisitive pieces, join the Sign of One. And the Sign of One is myself.”

Source: Zak Arntson

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