Psychopomp, Memitim

Habitat: Underlands, Prime

Alignment: Neutral

Challenge Rating: 15

On the battlefields of the planes, where the line between life and death is as thin as a blade’s edge, there soars a figure both awe-inspiring and ominous. A towering, black-winged angel, with a gaze as dark and unyielding as onyx, peering out from beneath a legionnaire’s helmet. These are the memitims, psychopomps known to soldiers as angels of death, silent sentinels hovering over the tumult of the battlefield.

Memitims are not the ferrymen of souls; they do not guide the fallen to their final rest. Instead, they stand as guardians against those who gather to prey on souls—the malevolent entities that lurk at the fringes of mortality, hungering for the essence of the departed.

These black-winged specters form an impartial legion, a third host that watches over the bloodiest of battlegrounds. As soldiers fall and the clamour of combat rises, the memitims ready their weapons, ever vigilant, prepared to repel the monstrous scavengers that seek to snatch souls from the brink of the River of Souls.

Their adversaries are many – daemons, night hags, the undead – but the memitims are undeterred. They strike with righteous fury against any who would dare to interrupt the natural passage of souls or harvest the life essence of those cut down prematurely. Their presence is a bulwark against the unnatural interruption of life’s final journey.

Most hauntingly, memitims emanate an aura of terminality. When they are near one of these hanbingers, those on the brink of death find their wounds deepening, their demise hastening. It’s a grim reminder of the inevitability of death and the memitims’ solemn duty to protect the integrity of the soul’s final passage.

Thus, the memitim stand, a solemn and formidable presence on the battlefields of the multiverse. They are the unyielding protectors of the fallen, the silent warriors against the desecration of the soul, ensuring that each spirit, regardless of its mortal allegiance, finds its way to the afterlife unimpeded and pure.

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Sources and Stats:

  • Bestiary 6 [PF1e] p, here
  • D&D conversion by d’Artagnan [5e] here
  • Origin: The Bible’s Book of Job 33:22 mentions memitim as ‘destroyers’, while Proverbs 16:14 uses the term angel of death. The angel Azra’il is often called this as well. More on this here.

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