CLIMATE/TERRAIN:Arcadia, Mount Celestia, Bytopia
ACTIVITY CYCLE:Day (any on the Mount)
ALIGNMENT:Neutral (Lawful Good)
NO. APPEARING:3-10 (1d8+2)
SPECIAL DEFENCES:Telepathic wail
SIZE:Tiny (1′)
MORALE:Unsteady (5)
AD&D 2e statistics

If one were to spot a pheobuhl [pronounced feeble], the cutter’d most likely assume it to be a small furry rabbit or mole. They wouldn’t think much of it, and would go about their business. That’s just what they want you to think. See, pheobuhl don’t look cute and cuddly for nothing. They look inconspicuous because that is their Job. Pheobuhl are spies of a higher order, sent in by proxies or the powers themselves to spy on the suspects and report back if they are doing something that they really shouldn’t. More often than not, the wrongdoers in the planes will be caught, because the pheobuhls are near-everywhere.

COMBAT: Only on the rarest circumstances will a pheobuhl enter combat directly. Most often, it will just use its wail to summon a celestial and scamper away. If it is forced into combat, the pheobuhl will bite for 1d2 points of damage. Usually the pheobuhl will try to get at the victim’s eyes or some vital sensory organ. The pheobuhls seem to have a sense, perhaps divinely inspired, for where the sensory organs are in most creatures, even the funny-shaped ones.

The true weapon is its best defence: the pheobuhl will try to rally a band of celestials by wailing out a telepathic scream. The scream is very characteristic of pheobuhls, and it has been likened to a kettle boiling, only much more piercing. It begins to wail telepathically (all creatures with telepathy in range will hear this, not just celestials) on the round that it sees the cutter, and will summon one creature (assuming there is one within range) per round to deal with the infringement.

The celestial summoned is determined by a 1d6 roll, once per round of wailing. See the table below.

Woe betide a cutter who slays a pheobuhl out of sheer maliciousness. They are highly treasured by their masters and celestials alike, and it’s not uncommon to see their murderers get the rope for killing one in even forgiving celestial cities.

HABITAT/SOCIETY: When not on assignment by the powers, pheobuhl act just like rabbits would, eating the same foods, and behaving in the same way. They are predominately outside of the ecosystem, however, for they do not contribute to it in any way. No animal preys upon the pheobuhls, for fairly obvious reasons.

ECOLOGY: The pheobuhl, as stated earlier, do not contribute nor hinder to the ecosystem in any known way. Their feeding is too small to be an effect on the food chain. They do not mate, for reproduction, the powers themselves are responsible.

CURRENT CHANT: A recent pheobuhl-aided capture included a high-up baatezu prince. How the order slipped out of from prince now suffering away on the Mount is unknown, but as the chant goes, the baatezu beneath him are now ordered to attack any pheobuhl encountered and kill it. This smells like a declaration of war to any blood with half a brain.

Die roll (1d6)ArcadiaMt. CelestiaBytopia
1EinheriarLantern ArchonGnomish Petitioner
2Formian HoundZoveriCervidal
3Monadic DevaSword ArchonEquinal
4Movanic DevaTrumpet ArchonAvoral
5Astral DevaLight AasimonLupinal
6Light AasimonAstral DevaUrsinal
Creature summoned by the telepathic wail of the pheobuhl

Source: Eryk Paramoure

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