CLIMATE/TERRAIN:Positive Energy Plane (any)
DIET:Entropy (see below)
INTELLIGENCE:Genius (17-18)
ALIGNMENT:Neutral Good
HIT DICE:See below
DAMAGE/ATTACK:None (see below)
SPECIAL DEFENCES:Invulnerability to all forms of attack
SIZE:M (6′)
MORALE:19-20 (Fearless)
AD&D 2e statistics

These cutters are both the bane and the blessing of the Doomguard. They appear as radiant humanoids with glowing golden hair, skin and eyes, usually clad in rainbow coloured garments. Possibly the most benevolent beings the Multiverse has ever produced, the melean simply cannot harm living creatures. Many believe them to be from the Upper Planes but in fact they are from the Positive Energy Plane, something which is evident soon after meeting them. It seems strange that such good creatures could be so dangerous.

COMBAT: The melean are healers, they are not fighters. In any case, they are completely invulnerable to any attack whatsoever, even area effect spells cannot harm them.

Any basher who comes within a 200 yard radius of a melean is effected as if by a cure light wounds spell once per turn by the aura of positive energy surrounding the melean. When a cutter gets within 100 yards she is affected by a cure serious wounds spell, and within 50 yards by a cure critical wounds spell. Any who come within 10 yards of a melean are affected by a heal spell. If a melean touches someone, and they must make a normal attack roll to hit an unwilling target, living creatures are affected by a restoration spell, and the dead by a resurrection. Also, any damaged or broken equipment brought within a melean’s healing aura is instantly mended, looking as good as new.

So what’s the catch, why are these benevolent creatures dangerous? Two reasons; undead are affected by the reverse of whatever a living creature gains when in the aura of a melean, (harmed rather than healed for example) but fiends and other evil creatures are healed, the melean, in their benevolence, are unable to distinguish evil creatures from good ones.

Also, once a creature reaches its maximum hit points it gains extra temporary hit points whilst still in the melean’s aura, (these fade an hour after leaving the aura) but if a character reaches triple its maximum hit points it bursts into flames in a flare of positive energy, just like what happens to an unlucky berk on the Positive plane itself, and are gone forever.

HABITAT/SOCIETY: Melean are created from pure positive energy at the heart of the Positive Energy plane. They believe that there is goodness in everything, and that to stop the forces of Entropy from destroying the Multiverse the mortals must be helped by the melean. The Doomguard find a warped satisfaction in noting that when too much Entropy is removed from something it is destroyed, reinforcing their philosophy that entropy is a part of everything. Melean always travel in pairs; they always take part in this loving-bonding ceremony, even though they do not reproduce in the usual way.

Since melean cannot be destroyed and their good-natured but possibly deadly powers can only be held back by a positive plane protection spell they can quickly become very dangerous. The only way to make them leave is to convince them that the forces of entropy have stopped working in this area; not always an easy feat. If a party of PCs does manage to convince a melean to leave them alone, they should receive a large XP bonus.

ECOLOGY: Melean are thought to consume the entropy which they drain away to sustain themselves. It is doubtful that they gain any sustenance from it, more a sense of purpose knowing that they are doing something to stop entropy. They can have a great beneficial effect or a catastrophic effect on the local ecology of the area nearby, depending on how long they stay.

Source: David Whitley

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