Forgetful Snapper
Forgetful Snapper

Forgetful Snapper

Forgetful Snapper

CLIMATE/TERRAIN:Lower Planes, River Styx
HIT DICE:9 + 3
DAMAGE/ATTACK:3d6 / 3d4 / 3d4
SPECIAL ATTACKS:Fin trapping, spit Styx water
SIZE:L (8′ long)
MORALE:Fearless (20)
XP VALUE:5,000
AD&D 2e statistics

These odd, fish-like monsters can be found only on the Lower Planes, and there only in Styx water. They appear to be pinkish white in colour, with a long fish shaped body as large as a steer. Their wide mouths hang open at all times, letting the blood red Styx water circle through their systems (consequently draining them of their memories, and giving them their name as well). A foot or two behind the snapper’s eyes, on either side of the beast, grow long pectoral fins. These crimson fins are almost wings, being as long as the snapper itself is and having three thin little arms running the length of them. At the end of the fins and arms are a short row of razor sharp barbs, made to help the forgetful snapper capture its food.

Because they live in the River Styx, forgetful snappers have no memories, or even the ability to remember anything. They simply act on instinct and hunger, which often leads them to attacking anything which comes near them. This habit, coincidentally, has led to their near extinction.

COMBAT: As was mentioned not a few seconds ago, forgetful snappers have the tendency to attack most anything that comes near. They will leap from the water and quickly leap back, with enough time to snap at a foe and grab at it with the snapper’s barbed pectoral fins. The dangerous bite of this fiendish fish inflicts 3-18 points of damage, and each strike with a fin inflicts 3-12 points of damage. If both pectoral fins strike the same foe in the same round, then that foe will become fin trapped. A fin-trapped person will be dragged back into Styx water by the snapper (a saving throw is allowed every round to avoid memory loss), which can now hit the trapped victim with both fins and mouth automatically every round. A strength check is required to escape the clutches of the snapper.

If the snapper loses more than half of its hit points, it will spit a stream of Styx water (mixed with the beast’s saliva) at whoever last caused it damage. This stream of Styx water can hit foes up to 50′ away, and does not require an attack roll. The person hit must then make a saving throw vs. poison or lose all memory of the events of the past day.

As a side effect of their mindlessness, forgetful snappers are immune to all mind-affecting spells and powers, including means of communicating telepathically or magically holding or incapacitating the creature. They are also relatively fearless, and will attack pretty much anything (something which has only helped lead to their near extinction).

HABITAT/SOCIETY: Only in the Styx can one find a forgetful snapper. And even in these deadly waters they are exceedingly rare, thanks to millennia of being hunted down and destroyed by adventurers and fiends alike. The latter beasts have been known to actually eat the snappers once they’ve been cleansed of Styx water and properly prepared. Occasionally these fiendish fish are found in the headwaters of the river Styx, in places like Pandemonium and the Abyss. They are thought to be rarest in Gray Waste, although no one really knows why. In fact, almost everything we know about the snappers is either fiction or theory. Fortunately, several Guvner sages are now doing studies on these beasts to discover the truth of their nature.

Because they drink the Styx water at all times and are always in contact with it, they completely lack the ability to remember anything. Every instant is like their first, for they remember nothing from before. All they can do is act on instinct and impulse, for there is nothing else for them.

ECOLOGY: It is unknown whether or not the forgetful snappers are true natives to the river Styx, or fish of some other type that fell into the Styx and were never able to leave. Most planewalkers are smart enough not to try eating a dead snapper, but a few Sensates have actually sat down with the fiends to dine on properly prepared forgetful snapper. According to them it was the finest meal they ever had, but only a month after dining they mysteriously disappear…

Source: Phandaal

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