Dragon, Positive Energy
Dragon, Positive Energy

Dragon, Positive Energy

Positive Energy Dragon

CLIMATE/TERRAIN:Positive Energy Plane / any
INTELLIGENCE:Supra-Genius (19-20)
TREASURE:See below
ARMOUR CLASS:-5 (base)
MOVEMENT:12, Fly 35, Jump 3
HIT DICE:18 (base)
THAC0:3 (at 18 HD)
NO. OF ATTACKS:3+ special
DAMAGE/ATTACK:2d8 / 2d8 / 3d12 (special)
SIZE:G (60′ base)
MORALE:Fanatic (17-18)
XP VALUE:See below
AD&D 2e statistics

Positive energy dragons, often simply called positive dragons, are creatures brimming with energy and life. Indeed, that energy is their very make-up. Positive dragons are one of the most energetic creatures known to walk the planes. Motion is one of the grains of their nature; a positive dragon has never been observed to be standing still.

Positive dragons look similar in form to gold dragons. Except for the shape, the similarity ends there. They are pure white in colouration, with glowing fluorescent yellow eyes. They are surrounded by a halo of softly glowing light. This light intensifies when the dragon nears a being filled with negative energy (such as most kinds of undead).

Positive energy dragons speak their own tongue, the tongue of xag-ya, and a tongue common to all elemental dragons. At birth, there is a 21% chance that the dragon can speak with any intelligent creature. This chance increases by 7% per age category.

COMBAT: Positive energy dragons despise combat. They view the loss of life as something to be avoided at all costs. They can, and will, attack those that wantonly destroy or cause untimely deaths. Because of their nature, positive dragons have interesting advantages and disadvantages.

BREATH WEAPON/SPECIAL ABILITIES: Positive energy dragons, as noted, are made completely of positive energy. As such, rather than inflict damage, they inflict life. Although this may seem a boon, it has the same affect as being exposed to the Positive Energy Plane. “Damage” inflicted by a positive dragon is added to a victim’s life total. This can even increase hit points beyond maximum capacity. If twice a creature’s life total is exceeded, it explodes in a brilliant display of positive energy. Extra hit points gained in this way remain until lost through normal means.

  • A positive energy dragon’s breath weapon is a beam of pure positive energy that is 5′ wide and 60′ long. It inflicts the listed damage if a save vs. dragon breath is failed; if such a save is passed only half damage is inflicted. This attack also destroys any creature that is connected to the negative energy plane (all undead but mummies [who have a connection with the positive], shadow dragons, etc.)
  • A positive dragon cast spells and uses its magical abilities at 15th level plus its combat modifier.
  • Positive energy dragons are born immune to almost all forms of attack. They take double damage from creatures connected to the negative energy plane, however. The hit dice loss incurred by level draining is doubled when it affects a positive dragon. They take normal damage from weapons of +3 enchantment or greater. Their touch destroys any undead that fails a saving throw vs. spells.
  • As they age, they gain the following additional abilities: Young: Cure light wounds at will. Juvenile: Cure serious wounds at will. Adult: Cure disease three times per day. Mature Adult: Heal three times per day. Old: Restoration three times per day. Very Old: Resurrection three times per day.

HABITAT/SOCIETY: Positive energy dragons are the bane of undead, shadow dragons, and other negative energy creatures. They hate the Doomguard and Dustmen for obvious reasons, and will go out of their way to destroy any members of the factions they meet.

Positive dragons rarely leave their home plane. Those that do only leave for a short while, returning within a few days. They can survive anywhere outside of their home plane indefinitely, except for on the negative energy plane.

Despite their seeming despise of evil acts and destruction, positive dragons have no predisposition over good or evil, nor law or chaos. All positive energy dragons are true neutral.

ECOLOGY: Positive energy dragons live on the life energy that permeates the multiverse. They don’t absorb this force from other beings, rather they sense it and gain energy from its presence.

Age CategoryBody (‘)Tail (‘)ACBreath WeaponWizard/Priest SpellsMRTreasureXP Value
337-4934-44-48d12+3135%E, S, T23,000
449-6144-56-510d12+4240%H, S, T24,000
556-7356-66-612d12+52 245%H, S, T25,000
673-8666-76-714d12+62 2 250%H, S, Tx227,000
786-9976-90-816d12+72 2 2 2 / 155%H, S, Tx228,000
899-11290-101-918d12+82 2 2 2 2 / 260%H, S, Tx229,000
9112-126101-114-1020d12+92 2 2 2 2 2 / 2 265%H, S, Tx331,000
10126-140114-126-1122d12+102 2 2 2 2 2 2 / 2 2 270%H, S, Tx332,000
11140-154126-139-1224d12+112 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 / 2 2 2 280%H, S, Tx333,000
12154-168139-152-1326d12+122 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 / 2 2 2 285%H, S, Tx435,000
Positive energy dragon statistics by age category

Source: John Kastronis, Jon Winter-Holt

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