Abyssal Lord, Yartuniu
Abyssal Lord, Yartuniu

Abyssal Lord, Yartuniu

Yartuniu, tanar’ri lord

ORGANISATION:Solitary (but with henchmen)
INTELLIGENCE:Godline (21+)
TREASURE:A, H, Q, X and see below
ALIGNMENT:Chaotic Evil
NO. APPEARING:1 + 4d6 tanar’ri henchmen
MOVEMENT:12, Fly 24 (B), Swim 12
HIT DICE:30 HD (145 hp)
DAMAGE/ATTACK:1d8+7 / 1d8+7 / 1d6+7 / 1d6+7 / 1d8 / 2d6 or by weapon +7
SPECIAL ATTACKS:Poison bite, tanar’ri abilities, flying monkey, spells, psionics
SPECIAL DEFENCES:Tanar’ri immunities, immune to charm, fear, hold, fire, and death magic
SIZE:L (12′ tall, 10′ wing span)
MORALE:Fearless (20)
XP VALUE:130,000
AD&D 2e statistics

Portfolio: Tanar’ri lord of unfettered ambition, posturing, raw power

Yartuniu is one of the few Abyssal lords that actually worked his way all the way up the ranks. Manes, incubus, balor, and now Abyssal Lord. Yartuniu is attempting to get enough power to grant spells to worshippers, become a demi-power, then lesser, intermediate, greater power, then perhaps become an overpower like Ao. Better believe this blood Thinks Big. Yartuniu looks like a big orc with wings, a huge canine mouth, two lashing tentacle/arms, and a large serpentine tail. He can speak common, orcish, dwarven, elven, and tanar’ri. He can also communicate through telepathy. He is also crazed for power. He will not kill anyone who shows a skill he does not have, until he learns that skill.

I was imprisoned by Yartuniu a while ago. He was the ugliest son of a tanar’ri I’ve ever seen. Looks like a cross between an orc, roper, and balor. Not only that, but I saw him single-handedly take town an entire baatezu legion, led by a few pit fiends! Yeah, I said a few, not one. Yartuniu aspires to be a power I suppose. I think he has a few ties to the Doomguard.

— Krainius Talfar, Tiefling Mercenary

COMBAT: Yartuniu has an effective strength of 19. He attacks with his two claws which usually hold his two favourite weapons, Grazuni a two-handed sword +3, +5 vs. baatezu (enchanted in the Outlands, so it only looses one plus in Baator), and a longsword +1, +3 vs. regenerating creatures (enchanted on the Prime so it acts like a Long Sword +0, +1 vs. regenerating creatures in the Outer Planes.) He also attacks with his two rope-like tentacles (That get his Strength bonus), his tail and his bite. He has all the standard tanar’ri abilities and resistances, plus he is immune to fear, all fire, death magic, charms, and hold spells. He also can use the following spell-like abilities once per turn hold monster, flaming sphere, magic missile, true seeing, polymorph other (into an orc only), and barminess (his name for a Feeblemind). Yartuniu requires a +4 or better weapon to be harmed. Of course this blood is more powerful than most tanar’ri right here, but that ain’t all. See this blood has psionics, and I mean psionics. Any berk challenging Yartuniu had better know this.

Psionics Summary (Yartuniu)


(Chant goes that nobody has ever bested Yartiniu in psionic combat, mortal or divine)…

And if a blood turns grey at the mention of his superior psionic abilities, he’ll go absolutely barmy when they find out he has the spells of a level 23 mage and a level 12 cleric. He can cast spells from any school (including wild magic) and from the All, Astral, Chaos, Combat, Elemental (Fire and Earth), Healing (Reverse forms only), Necromantic, Thought, Time, Sun (Reverse Only), War, and Wards. He also has Minor Access to Divination, and Travellers. Bad berk? Don’t forget that he has 4d6 Vrock Guardians, and a flying monkey for a familiar—chant goes it’s a 7 HD monkey that can cast spells as a 3rd-level mage. It has the following psionic abilities:

Psionics Summary (Flying Monkey)

1EW/TW,M-,IF1/1/118750 + 1d10
  • Telepathy – Sciences: mindlink, Devotions: ESP.

The flying monkey has all the abilities of a monkey (See MM, Mammals) and all the immunities of a tanar’ri. It has an intelligence of 11. It used to be able to teleport without error (If the adventure in Hellbound that removed that ability was not run it still does). And it can cast infravision once per round as a 9th level wizard. The flying monkey requires a +1 or better to hit. It has an XP Value of 2000 and a morale of 17.

HABITAT/SOCIETY: Yartuniu lives as the lord of a castle, named The Castle of Hurfnag, that moves randomly throughout the abyss. It also moves at random intervals. Yartuniu himself has a hers of stench kows that he keeps for food. The graze around in the inner courtyard of his castle. He also has a harem of Succubi and Mariliths that he uses to entertain himself occasionally. His offspring are Bar-Igura.

ECOLOGY: There is not ecology here, Yartuniu moves too fast to have any lastingimpact on the local area. Inside the castle however the only thing there is to eat and drink are humans, demi-humans and humanoids that are kept imprisoned. Yartuniu also keeps, on hand, a large treasure vault filled with whatever magic items that the DM feels is necessary. Yartuniu eats his slaves and prisoners. The stench kows are food for the rest of the castle’s inhabitants.

Source: Gothenem

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