Abyssal Lord, Bale
Abyssal Lord, Bale

Abyssal Lord, Bale

Bale, tanar’ri lord

CLIMATE/TERRAIN:Abyss — Layer 594 (‘Mistlands, Erotica‘)
TREASURE:H, I, K, W, Z x 4
ALIGNMENT:Chaotic Evil (lawful tendencies)
MOVEMENT:24, Fly 36 (A)
HIT DICE:33 HD, 260 hp
SPECIAL DEFENCES:+4 or better weapon to hit, tanar’ri immunities
MORALE:Fearless (20)
XP VALUE:40,000
AD&D 2e statistics

Portfolio: Tanar’ri lord of lust, strength, eroticism

Str: 22 – 25, Int: 24, Dex: 19 – 23, Wis: 23, Cha: 25, Con: 21 – 25 (see below)

Bale as his most handsome form appears to be a very well built man with shining golden hair, bronze skin and deep blue eyes, he has no wings but will sprout them when threatened. Bale is currently undergoing a process of being a Power, he is already making move on gating a few of his incubus followers to the prime material world, convincing women and men to turn over their will to him.

COMBAT: Usually Bale caries his form as described above, when threatened Bale can physically transmute an aura of power and pleasure 20′ radius. Those caught within the aura must save vs. Spell or be charmed, if this fails he will start attacking the party. If the party looks very powerful he will gate in 2d3 tanar’ri and 1d6 nightmares. Then he will start transforming. Great bat-like wings will burst through his clothes and from an initial 6″6′ he grows to a 12″ his muscles will start growing larger till his physical attributes reaches the maximum (see above). The full transformation will take about 3 rounds. His aura radius will increase to 40′ and this time the saving throw is made at a -4 penalty.

Bale fight with a sword call the flaming night sword. The sword is a bastard sword +4 and grants Bale the ability to regenerate 4d4 hit points every 3 rounds and cast darkness 3 times per day, meteor storm and shooting stars (TOM, Quest Spell) once per day. This sword is fully attuned to Evil and Chaos, and whilst not being an intelligent weapon, anyone who touches will become Bale’s slave for eternity if he fails a saving throw vs. death magic. Even so the sword deals 6d10 points of damage per round, save for half damage. Bale revels in his strength and combat abilities but would rather stay away from a fight, instead he tries to charm his adversaries.

Bale, as well as the other incubus and succubus in on his realm of Erotica (Abyssal layer 594) has two types of draining attack. The first is the usual deadly kiss; Bale however can drain up to 6 levels with each kiss! Victims may attempt to save vs. spell for only 3 levels of drain. The second attack is the slow drain, the fiend will entice a cutter to its bed, after 8 hours of “sleeping” the cutter will feel refreshed, all hit points restored, all spells memorised, then he must make a saving throw vs. spell. If it fails the poor berk will become the fiend’s slave for eternity. Even if he makes his save he will be inclined to do it again the next night, the bonuses apply but each time a cumulative saving throw of a -1 penalty is made. Sometimes a cutter is “honoured” by having Bale himself to do a slow drain for her (or him, for tanar’ri never were known to turn a victim down). [NB: These additional unique abilities are only granted to the succubi and incubi while in Bale’s layer.]

In Bale’s realm, however, there a rumours that there are two succubus sisters with a CN and NG alignment. Of course, their true alignments are magically disguised. They might save few cutters from being the next of Bale’s harem.

Bale’s “Priesthood”

Note that Bale is not YET a power. Thus he cannot grant any spells…yet. 

Symbol: The male physique
Portfolio: Lust, Strength, Eroticism
Requirements: Wis 13, Cha 15
Weapons Allowed: All Type B
Armour Allowed: Any Armour
Major Spheres: All, Astral, Charm, Combat, Chaos, Necromantic, Sun (rev), Summoning
Minor Spheres: Divination, Protection, Healing, Weather Magical Items: As Clerics

Source: Shizumaru

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