Heard it on the Razorvine?
There's a lot of chant out there in this here Multiverse, you know. Some of it's rorty dark -- just ask a mimir! -- and some of it's utter screed. And there's almost as many ways of finding it as there is chant itself. Here, then, are a few places for you to start looking.

The Razorvine

Want to hear the latest chant from around the planes? The Mimir's got a collection of planar-friendly websites here... Just consult the razorvine!

If you'd like to recommend a website to do with or related to the D&D multiverse, you can do it here.

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Planescape Link Sites


Portals: Paths of the Planewalkers

A moderated listing of Planescape sites, checked for updates regularly.

Ask a Rat!

Not as daft as it might sound, berk! Cranium rats are a canny bunch of beasties, especially when they put their heads together. One collective of ratties, calling themselves CrayNor, reckons it knows more about the planes than any other. Go on, ask it something...but mind your fingers!


CrayNor's Kip is a spidered index of Planescape sites, part of Planewalker.com

Bibliothecae Orbis

The Bibliothecae is a compilation of Planescape resources, organised by subject matter. It's growing all the time; currently comprising many hundreds of links.
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