The Jaws of the Hunt
The Jaws of the Hunt

The Jaws of the Hunt

The Jaws of the Hunt

Gate to Spirac, Abyssal layer 71

Location: Abyss / Pazunia

Let me paint you a picture of the pit that leads to Spirac, deep down in the bowels of the Abyss, where the foul-hearted tanar’ri head, seekin’ their brutal delights. Nestled deep within a remote corner of Pazunia where the land is cursed and life refuses to flourish, lies the sinister pit that leads to the hunting grounds of Spirac.

Now, this ain’t your run-of-the-mill hole in the ground, oh no. The pit itself is a grotesque maw of twisted vines and thorns, a living entity that seems to breathe with a hunger for the flesh and blood of those who dare approach it. It’s a monstrous thing, half alive and half dead, a foul place that reeks of rot and decay.

Once you venture into this ravenous maw, what greets you is an eerie silence, a stillness that ain’t natural, where even the bravest hearted would feel the tendrils of fear curlin’ around them. The pathway that winds through the pit is a narrow, treacherous one, lined with thickets of brambles sharp as razors, ready to snag the unwary.

When you finally emerge from that nauseatin’ passage, you find yourself in the grotesque beauty of Spirac, a layer of sinister woodlands and ferns where the thrill and terror of the chase reigns supreme. Imagine forests with trees so tall they blot out the sky, where the only light comes from the glowin’ fungi that adorn their trunks, castin’ eerie shadows that dance and twist like wraiths in the night.

In this twisted paradise of the hunters, the tanar’ri stalk their prey with a cruel delight, revellin’ in the hunt that has no rules and no mercy. It’s the purest kind of game for them, a perverse sport where the hunted stand no chance, faced with adversaries who delight in their fear, their suffering.

The woods of Spirac are alive, and not in a good way. Trees with bark like steel, hide malevolent spirits within their trunks, ferns with fronds like blades, ready to attack the unwary and slice flesh from bone. And let’s not forget the beasties that call this place home; creatures born from the darkest corners of the Abyss, beings with an insatiable hunger for flesh, lurkin’ in the shadows, waitin’ for the right moment to strike.

It’s a place of dark enchantments, where the land itself conspires with the hunters, a place where the only law is the law of the hunt, the primal, brutal law of predator and prey. Mark my words, berk, Spirac is no place for the weak, no place for those with a tender heart. It’s a cruel, unforgiving land where mercy is a dirty word, where the only joy is found in the chase and the kill.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

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