Suicide Alley
Suicide Alley

Suicide Alley

At the very edge of the Hive Ward

Suicide Alley is a street in the Hive Ward near the Madhouse. It’s one of the very few places that looks out directly over the edge of Sigil, where it ends in the Nothing. It’s a good point to jump off, if a sod is so inclined, and this is exactly what happens here.

Many berks from the Hive have really no perspective in life. They have no money, no job, no house and no chance to get any of these. Some of them are heavy bubbers, others just barmy. Like the Bleakers, these hopeless sods tend to fall in deep depressions, especially on days when the air is filled with smoke and acidic rain falls, burning the skin and their last money is gone. Which, to be honest, is rather often here, the nastiest part of Sigil.

On these days the hopeless take their last steps to Suicide alley. To end their senseless life they walk to the edge, raise their arms (or anything like that) give some final words (mostly something tragic, though the Fated’d just call it whining).

Now that’s not all. Of course people in the Hive know about the place. It’s always good fun to go there for a watch, make a bet (how many hopeless before peak), children throwing stones at the barmies, thugs practising their bowery skills on ‘moving targets’ as they fall down, merchants selling ‘last drinks’ to the watching, bleakniks composing their dreary dirges in the memory of those nobody could be bothered to help, and occasionally a barmy philosopher trying to persuade the jumpers to come back and answer a few questions if they survive. Factor Speculecture of the Guvners is said to have launched a few intrepid explorers off the edge too, for a hefty fee, of course.

This really is a place where the callous people of the Hive can amuse themselves, knowing that one day they might be walking down Suicide alley too…

Source: Christian Lantz, who admits this idea was inspired by a comic

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