In Aqua Veritas
In Aqua Veritas

In Aqua Veritas

In Aqua Veritas

Realm of Svantovit of the Slavic Pantheon

Location: Elemental Water / In Aqua Veritas

In Aqua Veritas is the elusive and exclusive kip of the slavic power Svantovit. Deep in the briny depths of the Elemental Plane of Water, its a surreal place, make no mistake. Finding it? Now that’s a whole quest on its own, a right puzzle of knotted kelp that’d leave even the sharpest cutters scratchin’ their brain-boxes.

This realm, it’s like a pebble in the deep, always shiftin’ with the currents. You could swim the lengths and breadths of the Elemental Water and never clap eyes on it, unless it wants to be found. That’s the first bit of the dark of it–it’s not just about findin’ the place, it’s about the place findin’ you worthy, or desperate enough to need it to find you.

Now, for those sods lucky or cursed enough to find their way to In Aqua Veritas, it’s like steppin’ into a dream made real. It’s a submerged cave with a bubble of air, and a lake that’s not connected to the plane of Water itself. The water there, clearer than any crystal, shimmers with hidden meaning. You know how you sometimes see a mirage in the distance in a hot desert? Well the chant goes that’s what it’s like here, with the shimmering waters reflecting scenes from your past or your future. The very currents and eddies in this realm can reveal the twists and turns of your future, if you’ve got the knack to read ’em right. And the waters never lie.

But don’t go thinkin’ it’s all smooth sailin’ once you’re find your way there, this ain’t no cruise down the Oceanus. The insights Svantovit offers ain’t always the cozy kind. They can hit you like a sack of bricks, revealin’ truths you might not be keen to face. And let’s not forget, the realm’s in the Elemental Plane of Water—which is a wild, untamed place, full of perils, pitfalls (and pirhanas) that could swallow a basher whole, or at least bite off small chunks, if they’re not careful.

In the heart of In Aqua Veritas, if the legends hold true, there’s a sanctum where Svantovit himself might be encountered, a place where the water and the air seems to blend into one. Here, if you’re plucky and pure-hearted, you might just get a straight answer from the Four-Faced One himself. But be warned: The truth you seek might not be the truth you want. 

Source: Alex Roberts, Jon Winter-Holt

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