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Somewhere, in the depths of the Astral Plane

The metal skull stirred. It felt the disturbance in the natural order of things, and recognised the astral winds of change blowing in a new direction. It was old and rusty now. Its jaw mechanism creaked as it opened its mouth for the first time in many years. Slowly, its eyes began to glow. And it began to remember…

Anubis smiled crookedly; he had forseen this day coming. “Ah, mimir, you old rogue. Welcome back to the lands of the living, my friend. Did you have a nice slumber?”

Cutters — it’s grand to be back! Did I miss anything? …

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Watch the Spire,



    1. Hi Grey! Glad to have surprised you 🙂 The old mimir v2 site is still available, for the next 9 months at least…. I can’t guarantee there aren’t any more broken links if there is any HTML that refers to (there shouldn’t be but you never know…) but I haven’t deleted anything deliberately!

      And if you really want to feel old, mimir v1 is archived here, although very much falling apart:

  1. Alexandra

    It is quite a pleasant surprise to see you work at Planescape content again! Was just getting back to re-reading Brix’s guide and, well, there’s this.
    I hope that it will be possible to clean the site up a little in the future, put disclaimers on what is and is not for free use, but, it is still great to hear from you.

    1. Hi Alexandra! Do you mean what’s canonical material from the books and what’s original to I’ve been putting that info at the bottom of pages so far; with references to the books that inspired the mimir content so cutters can read more if they find something interesting. Do you think it needs to be clearer still? My intention is to supplement the original material, since I have no word limits, but not replace it… I won’t be including stats or feats or that kind of thing, just the flavour of the setting and ideas that DMs can use to bring Planescape to life. If you’ve got any suggestions on how to improve the site, please do let me know!

      1. Alexandra

        I am certainly not an expert in the field, but in regards of navigability, perhaps, a faster way to access the tags? The search function works well, but it gives more than just the articles by tag, but also those that contain the words in question.
        As for use of original content, previous versions of the site have had a copyright notice on ownership of the material at the site; perhaps, I haven’t located it just yet, but it would be a boon to have an accessible iteration of what the content presented is suitable for, text, displays, that. If its already there and I just haven’t found it, that is on me, of course.
        And, yes, much thanks for your response! I would be glad to see the site develop and improve further!

        1. Thanks for your detailed response! Have you spotted the menus at the top of the page? They appear if you use a computer or tablet, or your phone in landscape mode… they don’t seem to appear on a phone in portrait mode though, so phone users will have a less intuitive experience until I figure that one out…

          There’s also a site map on the top right menu which I thought was quite fun:

          But point taken about the tags, I will have a think about other ways to present what’s in the site when I’ve finished adding all the old content (I’ve changed everything around a couple of times already as I’ve put the site together over the last couple of months, hopefully for the better!)

    1. Don’t worry, the yugoloths will be in touch when the time comes…

      I hope you found what you were looking for though! If it’s something I’ve not ported across from the old site yet let me know and I’ll send you a link.

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