1000 Posts!
1000 Posts!

1000 Posts!

Happy 1000th Post Day!

Well met, bashers! So today I met a fairly terrifying landmark — I just uploaded my 1000th post on mimir.net. I wanted to say thanks to everyone who’s submitted things to the site over the years, everyone who’s sent emails or asked questions, and especially the true bloods who heroically contribute towards the costs of running the site on the Mimir Patreon:

Agonarchy, Alex, Amy, AnxiousBug, Asdfadfad, Barefootguy, Benjamin, Bennie, Bonebox, D.Jack, Dara, Dave, Doom Chupacabra, Howard, Izil, Jeckissa, Jordan, Josué, Justin, Ken, Kyle, Matthew, Michelle, Noah, OneMoreBloke, Orri, Paul, Plastic Mohawk, Price, QuillFinger, R, Rick, Ruined, Sun Seed, and Yan-Jie

Here’s to many more articles over the next year!

And here’s a link to the chaotic site map — go wild exploring…


  1. Terral


    It’s wild to think that I’ve been coming to this site for over two decades now.

    This website and the many other, sadly lost to the ethers of the net due to the entropy of time, has served me so very faithfully as a D&D player, and later as a dungeon master, throughout the years. My first introduction to D&D was through 2nd Edition and Black Isle’s games, and while I joined the rest of the player base in migrating to 3.5 as time went on, I noticed that in terms of the lore and written content, we never really moved past 2nd Edition’s halcyon days of writing. Not just in terms of the official works, mind you, but the creative talents and efforts that were born during the 2nd Edition era are perhaps amongst some of the most imaginative and clever explorations of ideas I’ve ever seen – this website being a prime example of that.

    For years now I have used the Mimir, and archived-or-saved copies of other similar sites from its era, to supplement my games and my characters.. and ultimately in the end I found myself always going back to those halcyon days and its content. I’m now running at least one or two Planescape campaigns in 2nd Edition, the second of which started surprisingly enough around the time this website shook off the dust and cobwebs and began to move its gears anew. Fate be a weird thing like that, I suppose. It was a grand surprise, to say the least, and while I am happy to see new life breathed into the site, I am eternally grateful that we have not abandoned the past at the same time – as so many other things seem to do these days. I am also happy to see that the spirit of cooperation and collaboration of the site has also been retained (as our exchanges regarding the history of the hells have been especially entertaining for me to read through and write about).

    So here’s to you, Jon – though to my fondness you will probably always be ‘Voila!’ after so many years associating that name with the mantle of ‘site owner’ – a fond congratulations on making it to a thousand posts. Here’s to many more.

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