Axarax the Augur
Axarax the Augur

Axarax the Augur

Axarax the Augur

Planar observer beholder wizard psychic [she/they]/ Harmonium / LN

It’s no great dark that Axarax uses magical and psychic powers combined to tell futures. A body’d probably guess that when they first clapped eyes on the strange augur: they’re a beholder. Some bloods talk of Axarax as if they’re a female (though that’s a moot point, since all beholder-kin are actually genderless). Still, that’s the way ‘she’ comes across to some, at least.

Axarax is, above all, startlingly accurate in their predictions. While most soothsayers are vague at best (and downright backward at worst), the observer tells it like she sees it. With so many eyes, it’s hard to imagine her seeing it wrong. Unlike many other fortune tellers, Axarax gives precise times, dates, places, names, everything in fact; so long as a cutter asks for it. Want they doesn’t do is offer spurious information, and by that they means you’ve got to ask an exact question in order to get an exact answer.

It’s also part of the fortune-telling process that a cutter must give Axarax their real name, home plane, trade, date of birth, and other personal information. For the secretive types this is often too great a price. The greatest cost, however, comes from the fact that Axarax ain’t just a Harmonium officer; they’re one of the best. Their crime detection and prevention rates win accolades throughout the faction. How? They detect crimes before they’ve even occurred!

It’s all obvious when you think about it, cutter. If Axarax sees that one of their clients is about to commit a crime, they tip off the Hardheads, who then send a patrol to the right place at the right time, and just ‘happen’ to catch the criminal. Axarax is so sneaky that they’ll even spot potential crimes committed by the associates of their clients, or those that involve the clients as bystanders or victims.

The Cage is a lot safer because of Axarax. Thank them for that, but be careful that you’ve got a clean conscience (and be sure that you’ll continue to live on the straight-and-narrow) should you desire a really accurate fortune!

Fee: One silver piece, flat rate, no negotiating.

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Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

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