Erin the Vain
Erin the Vain

Erin the Vain

Erin the Vain

Chant of the Sensates

The chant is that Erin Montgomery (and hence, by default, about half the Sensates in the Cage) have latched onto a new fad. It probably ain’t worth mentioning, since Sensate fads have a way of evaporating as fast as they emerge, but for the sake of completeness, here goes.

Erin’s been hiring musicians and bards from all over the planes to “compose her actions”. ‘Least, that’s what the rumours say. What that means is that these barmy music makers actually get paid good jink to make sounds which complement her movements, thus emphasising her importance. When she walks about the Festhall, drummers and trianglists punctuate her every footstep, when she speaks flautists create tunes which echo her emotions, when she is angry, a timpanist crashes with her rage, and so on. At least she won’t be sneaking up on anyone for a while!

“Oh yeah? Then sense THIS!”

– Mover Jodar, Hardhead Halberdier to a particularly Lawless Sensate

Source: Jon Winter-Holt

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  1. Terral

    I reckon a sensible sod would realize that the reasonable next step would be to create a spell that manifests an illusory orchestra that is tied to the person’s psyche and movements directly. After all, any hired artisan will always be just a little bit behind the sensate’s words and actions, and also likely can’t predict or anticipate their innermost thoughts. Not short of creating a continuous psychic link with all the musicians, that is.

    Something like ‘Marobik’s Actuality Accompaniment’ or some similar name for a spell like it.

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