Pathfinder 1e conversion of khaasta as a playable race.

The khaasta are a race of lizard-like creatures who trade with, steal from, and do dirty work for all manner of unsavory individuals across the planes. Their hides are fairly resplendant, each detailed with a resplendent series of small, durable scales, which glint a variety of colours. They have long, powerful tails and blunt lizard-like snouts, with a small crest running the length of the head and back.

A race obsessed with progression by a convoluted set of social imperatives, the khaasta are normally untrustworthy and self-serving. Normal khaasta morals include the right to take from the weak, the need for ascension through the outfighting and backstabbing of your brethren, bringing down the strong, and doing anything to assert your dominance over others. Unlike what many believe however, khaasta are not always evil. They are simply as individualistic and power-hungry as any slaad, and will do whatever it takes to get to the top. Not that they get to the top, not because they enjoy it, but because they feel they must.

A khaasta PC is probably an orphan of sorts, not raised by a khaasta band, and thus exposed to more diverse social ideas. Alternatively, they could have gone off on their own once they reached majority to seek out bigger and better things. The khaasta are a shoe-in for the Fated (because they believe in taking what you can hold), the Free League (who like to be left to their own devices), the Revolutionary League (because they strive to bring down the strong), and the Godsmen (who believe in bettering oneself, sometimes to gain power). Unusual but interesting possibilities would be the Guvners (seeking power through loopholes), the Signers (who have a very self-centred mindset), and the Converts (backstabbing your brethren to gain power). Mainly through prejudice, there are very few (if any) Harmonium khaasta.

Type: Monstrous humanoid [3RP]

Size: Medium [0RP]

Base Speed: 20ft, but never reduced by encumbrance. [-1RP]

Ability Score Modifiers: +2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Cha [1RP]

Automatic Languages: Common, Draconic [0RP]

Bonus Languages: Abyssal

Racial Traits:

Defensive Racial Traits:

Natural Armour: gain a +2 natural armour bonus to their Armor Class. [3RP]

Feat and Skill Racial Traits:

Lizard Riders: Khaasta gain a +2 racial bonus to Handle Animal and Ride checks when dealing with lizards. [2RP]

Offensive Racial Traits:

Bite: Khaasta have a bite attack, which deals 1d4 points of damage. The bite is a primary attack, or a secondary attack if the creature is wielding manufactured weapons. [2RP]

Weapon Familiarity: All khaasta are proficient with the scimitar, shortbow, and longbow (including composite). [1RP]

Senses Racial Traits:

Darkvision: Khaasta can see in the dark up to 60ft.

Total RP: 11

Conversion by: Aaron Masters and Greg Jensen.

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