CLIMATE/TERRAIN:Mechanus, see below
ORGANISATION:Solitary or Squad
INTELLIGENCE:Genius (17-18)
ALIGNMENT:Lawful Neutral
ARMOUR CLASS:SpecialSpecial555
HIT DICE:111291213
SPECIAL ATTACKS:Dimensionalise, undetectable strike
SPECIAL DEFENCES:Dimensional immunity, teleport at will
MAGIC RESISTANCE:10%15%20%25%30%
MORALE:Fearless (20)
XP VALUE:2000200097520002000
AD&D 2e statistics

It’s a well known dark that Primus learns about the Outer Planes through his modrons during the Great March, but how does Primus learn about the Inner Planes, Astral, Ethereal, and the Outer Planes that should be watched more carefully? Well, he sends out a dimensional. However, there’s more to a dimensional than spying, and for a dimensional to advance in type it must learn an integral truth about law.

Five types of dimensional are known to exist. The nat is a zero-dimensional point lacking length, width, and height. If it weren’t for its concept of its own existence it might as well not exist at all. An uti is a one dimensional line (usually straight) that exists only as length. It has no apparent end, though if asked a dimmir will say they do end eventually. A dimmir is a two-dimensional shape that must exist on a surface. A dimmei can change its appearance at will, but it tends to prefer a square. A quot is a three-dimensional cube, and an ataero appears as a strange changing blob that changes in seemingly impossible ways. That’s because it’s four-dimensional and us normal mortals can see only three of its dimensions at once. To other four-dimensional beings an ataero looks like a cube within a cube.

Since only those beings of your dimension or 1 higher or lower are visible (and the ataero can retract into the fourth dimension becoming undetectable), it’s lucky for us three spacers that they act as a psionic beacon making users of mind detecting spells or psionics able to detect and possibly communicate with them.

COMBAT: Dimensionals are peaceful creatures which is all well and good, since many of them are either undetectable to mortals under normal circumstances or can strike undetectably from an unseen dimension.

As a rule the only dimensional that can be attacked physically are those of your dimension or own higher or lower. For all lower and higher (if they exist) dimensionals you have to use magics or psionics that can attack sentience or other dimensional beings (a wish works best, though few bashers have those to spare!).

All dimensional can teleport without error, use telepathy at will and can sense law and lawfulness.

All dimensional have two spells or psionics (DM’s choice) plus one for each dimensional level they are above zero. If they have psionics they have 200 PSPs. Dimensionals seem to have no limit to the level of spells or type of psionics they can use.

NAT: Perhaps the weakest or dimensional, nat can only use spells/psionics and dimensional abilities.

UTI: Uti can block and ram other one dimensional beings assuming it can detect them. This does 1d6 points of damage.

DIMMIR: Dimmir can conjure a hypnotic pattern once per day and harm other two dimensional beings on the same dimensional “plane” for 1d6 points of damage. The only other well-known two-dimensional creatures are the moignos, and these bashers rarely get on with dimmir, perhaps for this very reason. NB: Dimmir must exist on a 3-D surface. This prevents them from harming people using duo dimension.

QUOT: A quot can ram someone (assuming they’re 3-D) for 1d6 or grow blades from its corners and attack for 1d12. Quots can also attempt to cast a modified hold person on someone. If successful that person is absorbed into the quot’s cube and held for the spell’s duration.

ATAERO: An ataero can ram for 1d6 points of damage or target an enemy’s internal organs to do 2d10+2 damage. If the damage is ten points or higher, a system shock is forced; failure causes the loss of 1d4 hp per round (1d6 if it scores a critical hit) until magically healed. The four dimensional ataero can manipulate space that us three spacers cannot perceive. This allows them to perform bizarre feats like change someone from left to right, place one object inside another, take apart a chain without breaking the links, tying a sphere in a knot (or spinning it to form a hyper sphere) etc.

The dimensional advantage/disadvantage in combat is that higher dimensioned beings can attack from a completely undetectable place thus instantly gain surprise. Abilities such as danger sense can tell you something is coming but not where to dodge to. All attacks vs. lower dimensioned beings with physical weapons (assuming they can be harmed) get +1 and vs. higher dimensional get -1.

Ataeros can open portals from the Outer to the Inner Planes at will (very odd, they access higher dimensions and search for links impossible for us three spacers to find) and can enter the Temporal Prime at will. However,

All dimensionals have an ability similar to the duo dimension spell in which they can bring others to their own dimensionality. It is very disturbing if a nat uses this power! Dimensionals themselves are very susceptible to duo dimension. Any 0, or 4+ dimensioned dimensional must save vs. death magic or cease to exist if this spell is used on them.

All dimensional are capable of carrying dimensional of lower dimensions on their sides, and indeed, this is one of their favoured modes of transport.

HABITAT/SOCIETY: Each dimensional can be found in one of two places, helping Primus in Mechanus or the appointed plane for its form. In Mechanus, dimensionals are responsible for regulating the laws of dimensions. If anyone brings in a unregistered four-space (four dimensional space) they call in the appropriate dimensional to take care of the job.

NAT: A nat is the dimensional found in the Inner Planes. Not only does it records the laws of existence there, it seeks the answer that will make it advance in dimensions. The nat’s question is “what law is fundamental to all the planes?” This is a vital question when one realised the inner planes form the prime and the primes form the outer planes.

UTI: Uti dwell in the Ethereal, their question is “what are the laws of possibility that make all exist?”

DIMMIR: Dimmir are found on the Prime and often serve as educators. They must answer the question. “What laws underlie sentient behaviour?” or “What is the best form of governing and the laws that underlie it?”

QUOT: Quot occur on the astral. They ask “Which laws underlie mortal thought and belief?” Quot often serve as philosophers and arbiters of disputes. Quot often seek the most fair way to end arguments and disagreements.

ATAERO: Ataero seek to find the answer to “Which laws underpin all the Outer Planes? What is the grand unified law that describes all the planes of belief?” Some say there are none and that’s why no dimensionals higher than ataero have been seen. No one knows for sure. Ataero also have two other responsibilities, which are sending new nats to the Inner Planes and reporting all they have learned about the state of the planes during their evolution to Primus.

ECOLOGY: These weird beings do not fit into or disrupt any environment save that of Mechanus.

Source: Joshua Jarvis. Author’s note: I’d like to thank the Planescape Mailing List for help with making these creatures work.

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