Abyssal Lord, Hugh
Abyssal Lord, Hugh

Abyssal Lord, Hugh

Hugh, Tanar’ri Lord

INTELLIGENCE:Godlike (21+)
ALIGNMENT:Chaotic Evil
MOVEMENT:15, Fly 24 (A)
DAMAGE/ATTACK:1d6+14 / 1d6+14 (or by weapon +14) / 1d12
SPECIAL ATTACKS:Poison, spells, gaze attack
SPECIAL DEFENCES:Immunities, spells, +4 or better weapons to hit
SIZE:L (12′ tall)
MORALE:Fearless (20)
XP VALUE:120,000
AD&D 2e statistics

Portfolio: Tanar’ri lord of tactics, aggression, tanar’ri might

Hugh is a huge Abyssal lord, a tanar’ri high-up who does nothing more than train tanar’ri to fight in the Blood War. Hugh is an expert weaponmaster and is considered a master in all weapons. He is 12′ tall, has a pair of gossamer wings, a fanged canine mouth, and a large scar running down his right cheek. Hugh can speak any language.

Hugh you say?? Trains all the Tanar’ri troops?? Yer comin’ with me berk!

— Grundle Axebeard, Harmonium Officer

COMBAT: Hugh is a terror in battle. Even physically he is considered a grand master in all weapons (+3 to hit +3 dmg, +2 to speedrank (or -5 to initiative), and the weapon uses one higher die for damage, knockdown, ect.) (ie. a normal long sword in Hugh’s hands does 1d10+3/1d20+3 dmg, sf: 0, sr: VFa, KD: d10). Hugh is also said to be one of the strongest non-divine creatures in the Planes; he has a strength of 25. He can also bite for 1d12 damage. Hugh, however, does not need to draw a weapon. He casts spells as a 13th-level Necromancer, and as a 10th-level cleric — he has access to the All, Combet, War, Necromantic and Elemental Fire spheres. He is also 70% immune to psionics. Hugh usually walks into battle wielding Hunter (a long sword +4, +6 vs. Celestials) and Heart Piercer (a Spear +6). Both Weapons were enchanted in the abyss.

HABITAT/SOCIETY: Hugh lives in a large palace on the 295th layer of the Abyss. His palace is known as the Army Training Camp [NB: In the Hellbound boxed set this is the area marked as the target for the Baatezu attack found in the first adventure]. Hugh is not just a walking training camp, but he’s also highly intelligent. According to the chant, he once destroyed a whole baatezu battalion single-handedly… in Baator. Many upstart balors have tried to bob Hugh, or put him in the dead-book. No one knows what happens to those balors, but they’re never seen again…

ECOLOGY: Hugh destroys any local ecology there is. He does not eat, and does not care what his minions eat. Hugh has single-handedly destroyed the ecology of his layer of the Abyss.

Source: Gothenem

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