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Michandoco's Mystical Maze
Dancer's Court, Guildhall Ward

Located by Dancer's Court in the Guild Hall Ward, and sounding as much like a prime wizard's spell as a venue, Michandoco's Mystical Maze is a form of entertainment to all who enter. It is located in a building that appears much like a tall version of the common funhouse at a carnival. Admission is a mere jinx piece.

Within the maze no magic works, mainly because that would ruin the entire point of the maze! When you first enter you are lost in a sea of mirrors The way you entered becomes blocked and you cannot travel back. After you find your way through the mirrors you enter a room that appears to have a stairwell with two doors on a couple of walls, and a mirror on another. The stairwell itself is an illusion, all that you do is walk around the room. When you go through one door, you re-enter the same room through the other! At least, that's what it seemed like to me.

The exit, a few have yet to discover, is the mirror, it is a simple illusion. On the other side of the mirror is what appears to be a hedge maze. The normal rule to getting out of one of these mazes does not reign true because there are portals that teleport you to different places in the maze. Michandoco (Planar / male aasimar / LN) offers a 2000 jinx prize for anyone that can make it through the maze in less than an hour. This has only been accomplished once, by himself.


Copyright 1999 by Shawn "Elfbane" Gray

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