The Great and Terrible, the Unity of the Void. LE demipower of excellence, warfare, wildspace, scro (He/Him)

Pantheon: Orcish

Symbol: A steel circle bearing two orcish eyes

Realm: Prime Material Plane / Dukagshspace / Dukagsh

When the collected might of the vilekith was scattered in bitter defeat in the First Unhuman War, many of the surviving orcs questioned how their gods could have failed them so. One of these was the mighty and visionary captain Dukagsh, who abandoned thoughts of retreating to a conflict world where orcs struggled against their adversaries. Instead, he executed the shamans for contesting his leadership, then brought his warriors to an uninhabited world, which they named in his honour. Dukagsh had served with hobgoblins in the War, and extrapolated from the best of their ideals to teach his survivors a new way forward. When he died, he was entombed, and the veneration his followers had for him helped him reawaken as a demigod. Dukagsh remains the only god that the space orcs, or scro, will worship, enjoying enormous popularity among his people. He teaches of excellence not just in physical strength, but also in military strategy, unity of thought, discipline, and loyalty. It has been suggested that his symbol is meant to reinforce turning aside from Gruumsh, though Dukagsh still teaches contempt toward other races and absolute hatred of elves.

Some scholars insist that Dukagsh is nothing more than a facade for either Gruumsh or Ilneval, and that an elder orc god is manipulating the scro as a large-scale experiment in giving the orcish race a new direction. These sages are wrong. Probably. Most likely. Potentially. Dukagsh makes his divine realm in the tomb where his mortal body was laid to rest, which orbits the planet that bears his name. Most likely.

Source: Afroakuma

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