Castles in the Sand
Castles in the Sand

Castles in the Sand

Workman’s Avenue, near the edge of the Clerks’ Ward

Zebuetel (or Zeb as he’s called) is an architect par excellence, and of course, being formian Zeb and his construction crew have in a somewhat unique knack to how they construct their buildings. You see, these antfolk use sand. Now you may be thinking “How can anyone but a barmy expect a building of sand to stand?” Well, Zeb seems to have learned a strange, yet permanent, spell that turns sand into sandstone. Thus his sand stays in place, often for centuries.

Most of his work is contracted out to other planes since the dabus are peery of competition—and after the light boy incident who can blame them? On the rare occasions when Zeb’s crew do work in Sigil, most of the dabus don’t give them anything worse than dirty looks, except for Tavernbeldyse; pronounced Tavern-bell-dice, named after the images with which they identify themselves.

Tavernbeldyse actually helps the formians, working along cheerily with the picture of a whistle floating up near his head. Though he won’t accept pay, the apparently youthful (as far as dabus can be said to have ages) Tavernbeldyse, has become a dedicated member to the largely formian crew. As well as formian the a dabus, Zebuetel employs several regular irregulars; a motley crew of three humans, a modron, a tiefling, two gith (both varieties, though you wouldn’t guess it by how they help each other), a bariaur, and an aasimar who have joined the group over the years. They stand out odd among the dozen or so “centaur-ants” but the crew is close, almost like family.

Source: Joshua Jarvis

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