Great Ziggurat of Oth-Magurloth
Great Ziggurat of Oth-Magurloth

Great Ziggurat of Oth-Magurloth

The Great Ziggurat of Oth-Magurloth

Location: Abyss / Pazunia

Imagine a place so enormous it dwarfs everythin’ in its vicinity — chant goes the Great Ziggurat of Oth-Magurloth is the largest single structure on Pazunia, and probably one of the most ancient too — a right monstrous pyramid of stone terraces with a splash of every colour you could think of, and some you can’t. It’s like a mad painter got hold of a giant’s playset and went to town, it is.

Now, every thousand cycles or so when A’othorh the Harbinger of Destiny appears, this place becomes the seat of power of Pazunia. It’s here that grand stage for the Queen’s Conclave is set, with the Queen of Chaos herself holding court. You’ve got to picture the most opulent temple you can imagine sitting proudly at the top, where obyrith lords, those unknown dark powers from the times before time, gather to hatch their dark machinations and schemes for the next thousand years. It’s a sight both majestic and terrifying, a meeting of minds so ancient and mysterious, it sends shivers down the spine of any cutter who knows their chant.

But what’s happening between these grand meetings, you ask? Well, let me tell you, the place ain’t gathering dust, no. Scores of acolytes, faithful to the dark and ancient ones, scuttle about like busy ants. Their job is to maintain the temple and the sprawling dungeon complex beneath it, ready to defend their holy ground with a fervour that’s downright terrifying. They’ve got more traps and secrets hidden in that place than there are urchins in the Hive.

Now, the tanar’ri lords give the ziggurat a wide berth, they do. Stories swirl about a curse, a mark of danger that frightens even the mightiest of them away. And darker chant says that beneath that monstrous edifice lies a true marvel, a labyrinth so complex it could swallow armies whole, teeming with all manner of beasties and dangers. I’ve heard tell of cutters losing themselves down there, wandering for years through the twisting tunnels, driving themselves barmy trying to find a way out.

Why would they even visit? Well at the centre of that foreboding maze lies the true prize, the Well of Entropy. It’s a portal of unimaginable power and, they say, the sole connection to the obyriths’ ancient home, which is a place of legends and nightmares mixed in equal measure. It’s a place of secrets so deep and dark, even the multiverse itself dares not speak of it.

Canonical Source: Demonomicon [4e] p47, expanded by Jon Winter-Holt,

The interior of the Great Ziggurat

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