Eye for an Eye
Eye for an Eye

Eye for an Eye

Eye for an Eye

Location: Abyss / Layer 6 – Eyenabella

An Eye for an Eye is a place that could be quite the fascinating stop for the very brave or the very foolish; your choice on which you are, berk. It’s a tangle of tunnels and passages, as unpredictable and capricious as the beholders themselves. Every tunnel and every cave is carved smooth with the meticulous precision of disintegration rays, an artistry of destruction that could be called beautiful if it weren’t so deadly. It ain’t like any burg you’ve seen before, it ain’t just streets and corners, it’s a twisting, shifting labyrinth in three dimensions, with paths leading in every which way you can think of, and even in ways you can’t.

Now, what makes An Eye for an Eye stand out in the chaotic mess that is the Abyss is this peculiar truce among the beholders. It’s a sort of sacred ground, a place where they’ve all agreed to put aside their appetites and their rivalries for a spell. It’s an uneasy peace, mind you, the kind where everyone’s got one eye (or more) open at all times, waiting for the inevitable betrayal. But, for the time being, it holds. It’s like a truce between thieves; everyone’s agreed to hold off on the backstabbing… but keep your wits about you, because non-beholders are quite literally on the menu.

But oh, the wonders and the horrors that a cutter can witness there, it’s a sight to behold, pun intended. Beholders of all stripes and hues floating about, rubbin’ eyestalks with their kin without tearing each other apart. It’s something of a miracle really, a sight that defies everything we know about the bloodthirsty nature of beholderkind. But hey, everyone needs a break from constant murder and cannibalism, even beholders, it seems.

Now, as for why this place holds such a special place in the beholder’s many hearts, well, that’s anyone’s guess. The burg doesn’t hold anything special to the ordinary eye, but you can bet your boots there’s something about it that draws them in. Something dark, something mysterious, a secret known only to the beholders themselves, hidden deep within the twisting passages of that eerie place.

It’s a sanctuary of the strange, a holy ground for the unholy, a place where even the most vicious of creatures find something resembling peace. But mind you, it ain’t peace as we know it; it’s a truce forged in the ever-present threat of violence, a peace maintained by vigilante squads who roam the tunnels, ready to enforce the sacred laws of this strange place. It’s a town caught between the urge to devour and the urge to worship, a place of vicious beauty and savage grace. And for the berks daring enough to venture there, it offers a glimpse into the strange, enigmatic culture of the beholders, a culture as twisted and complex as the tunnels they inhabit. But remember, cutter, in An Eye for an Eye, you’re always one wrong step away from becoming dinner, so tread lightly and keep your frankly inadequate number of peepers peeled.

Source: Chris Nichols and Jon Winter-Holt

Being a burg with a peculiar truce amongst beholderkin.

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