ALIGNMENT:Chaotic Evil
NO. APPEARING:2-10 (1d4 + 1d6)
HIT DICE:6 + 6
NO. OF ATTACKS:2 claws or 1 weapon
DAMAGE/ATTACK:1d10+7 / 1d10+7 or by weapon type
SIZE:L (9’+)
MORALE:Elite (13)
XP VALUE:1,000
AD&D 2e statistics

Tanar’gre, or Abyssal ogres, are the result of the magical and evil manipulations by the feared tanar’ri high-ups Mith and Djoran. They are extremely physically powerful, and possess some of the powers innate to tanar’ri. Like the tanar’ri, the Abyssal ogre has many special abilities, defences, and attacks. Tanar’gre have the same resistances to attacks as all tanar’ri. However, their magic resistance isn’t stable, and isn’t generally as good as a full-blooded tanar’ri’s. A tanar’gre can be hit by magical weapons of +1 or better enchantment.

COMBAT: A tanar’gre can (and will) attack with its strong claws inflicting 1d10+7 points of damage from each claw. Some carry weapons and will use these instead. Generally the weapon is a magical weapon and of +2 or better enchantment. The chance of having such a weapon is 15%.

They do have one special attack which can be used once per day; they can alter their form into that of any tanar’ri which they’ve seen, for up to one hour. While they get none of the magical powers of that creature, this ability usually allows them to hide or get away, or to seem much more powerful and threatening than they are (which is already a fair amount). One in every 20 tanar’gre can teleport without error once per day.

When in packs, they will attack ruthlessly, each trying to prove its superiority over the others. Only if they are clearly over-powered will they ever think of retreat. As tanar’gre are a little more intelligent than normal ogres, they aren’t as likely to be tricked. However, as they are of tanar’ri blood, they usually succumb to opportunities to show off for one another, and in this way planewalkers have found tanar’gre can be pitted against each other.

HABITAT/SOCIETY: Tanar’gre live in small groups, often clan-like, but with less cohesion. Many members are actually nomadic, wandering across layers of the Abyss, or even the neighbouring planes. They are natives of the Abyss, but can also be found living in the Outlands, Carceri, and in Sigil.

Like both of their parent races, tanar’gre have a great love for treasure (particularly gruesome trophies from past combats) and a highly personal regard for anything they own. Unlike normal ogres, they aren’t likely to be found living in conditions of pure squalor as they are a little more capable of providing for themselves. However, in the Abyss, the tanar’gre are fairly low on the scale of power and will not be found nearby more mighty creatures except as slaves or guards.

Tanar’gre are free-willed beings and if they aren’t being charmed, garnished, geased or otherwise controlled they will act purely for their own interests. Like all other chaotic evil beings, tanar’gre fear those they believe to be more powerful than themselves and so behave as though they have respect for those that are clearly superior to them. Like all chaotic evil creatures, however, they will always look for ways to get out from under anyone holding them in subjugation.

ECOLOGY: A tanar’gre has no place in the ecological system of any place. They have been introduced by outsiders whose motives are purely malicious, and they’ve caught on in a big way…

Source: David Paul, artwork inspired by Zak Arntson

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