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The City Zoo
Deva Way, Lady's Ward

Nestled in the High House district of the Lady's Ward on Deva Way, there lies a great stone wall, rising some 50 feet into Sigil's sky and occupying nearly a whole city block. A single entrance, double steel doors that occupy a small section of the wall, is the only evident way in. A group of six Harmonium guards watch this entrance night and day. Only people of great wealth, power and importance are permitted within these walls. Chant goes these important people must still secure a "special" pass that they need to show at the entrance before being admitted. This pass can only be obtained (for a significant price) at the City Court in a little used back office.

A sign with a single word etched into it hangs above the entrance and reveals a hint of what lies beyond. The word is "Cagers". Those few that actually make it inside the walls are able to experience one of the greatest unknown wonders of Sigil, the city's Zoo. This is a collection of some of the nastiest and unique creatures found around the Great Ring and Inner Planes. A series of wandering paths lead the visitors through a jumble of magical cages that keep their inhabitants secure. Guides and a group of three Harmonium guards take the guests around the Zoo and explain what they are seeing. One of the more colorful guides is a cutter that calls himself Ash. (Prime / half-elf / R10 / Harmonium / LN) that walks with a slight limp and has a scar on his face. Ash claims to have received the wounds from one of the zoo's inhabitants while in pursuit of its capture. He usually doesn't tell the guests which one though. It makes the story much more romantic, at least to Ash.

The zoo's cages are protected in such a way that physical and mental attacks are unable to be projected outward but the overseers are able to attack into the cages. Teleportation does not work to escape and creatures cannot teleport into the zoo either. Inside these cages are some of the more exotic creatures found in the Multiverse. Examples include vaath, canoloths, hook spiders, vaporighu, vorr, leomarh, bonespear, thoqqua, sislan, rast, and a garmorm, as well as many stuffed or magically animated corpses of sentient planars such as eladrin, baatezu and yugoloths (members of these races who visit invariably find these exhibits rather distasteful). There are even a few cages filled with water and hold sea creatures in them. This place gives the rich and elite of Sigil the ability to see these creatures up close without leaving the comfort of their home, so to speak. It adds a bit of danger into their normally sheltered lives.


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