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To say that the planes are a big place is the biggest understatement a berk could make. The planes are infinite. They are bigger than a cutter could imagine, and contain more than can ever possibly be recorded. It's therefore no surprise that a Planescape campaign has more racial options than any other campaign. First of all, it has humans, elves, dwarves, and all of the other races of the Prime. Then there are the races native to the planes, such as bariaur, githzerai, and rogue modrons. And there are the "plane-touched" characters, part prime and part "something else," like tieflings, aasimar, and genasi.

The Planewalker's Handbook Explorer Mimirexpanded on the races available to player characters in a Planescape campaign. Members of all of these races have passed through Sigil at one time or another, and many individuals have become adventurers. Here then are several optional races for use in Planescape: deadly bladelings, enigmatic formians, mischievous ratatosk, and the para-elemental and quasi-elemental versions of genasi, amongst others.

Before a player picks one of these races, it's always a good idea to check with the DM first to make sure these races aren't inappropriate to the specific campaign. These new races should give an idea about the great variety of creatures in the planes.

It's impossible to describe an entire race fully. Each consists of individuals, and they often vary as much as (or more than) humans do. For every rule you give for a race, at least one exception exists somewhere.

Planar Character Races

New Races on the Mimir

  • Bladeling: Being a thorny cutter from deepest Acheron
  • Chaos Children: Being a mutable slaad-touched creature
  • Fensir: Being a light-fearing Ysgardian troll
  • Formian: Being a lawful Arcadian insectoid
  • Genasi: Being a plane-touched elemental
  • Khaasta: Being a lizard-like Lower Planar native
  • Ratatosk: Being a squirrel-cutter from Yggdrasil
  • Reave: Being a four-armed grim warrior from Acheron
  • Rilmari: Being a human race touched by the rilmani
  • Ruvoka: Being a hardy element planes-dweller

Races Described in Published Planescape Books

  • Aasimar: The Planewalker's Handbook p70
  • Bariaur: The Planewalker's Handbook p71 (see also
  • Genasi: The Planewalker's Handbook p71
  • Githyanki: A Guide to the Astral Plane p66
  • Githzerai: The Planewalker's Handbook p75
  • Nathri: A Guide to the Ethereal Plane p67
  • Neth's Child: A Guide to the Ethereal Plane p68
  • Planar Half-Elf: The Planewalker's Handbook p75
  • Planar Human: The Planewalker's Handbook p76
  • Rogue Modron: The Planewalker's Handbook p76
  • Tiefling: The Planewalker's Handbook p78

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