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Faction Philosophy

"Order is present in all things. Even in the middle of what some scholars might deem "chaos", there is the presence of order, an underlying scheme to it all. We of the Fraternity of Order know this. We know that the multiverse is based on law, rules that govern everything that we know. Every action can be traced back to the exact laws of the multiverse, as we all operate within the constraints and boundaries of these laws, of Axioms as they are more commonly known. Once we have determined the exact rules that govern the multiverse, we will know all and be able to do anything. Because once you know how to work within the laws, you know how to work outside the laws. Once you know the loopholes of reality... then you truly are the most powerful being in the multiverse."

"All natural laws can easily be reduced to one unifying formula! By the elimination and addition of variables into the equation, we near perfection. And once we know what does and does not fit into the final equation, we discover the meaning of the multiverse! Are you not SEEING THIS?"

"Sigil is the Practical Center of the Multiverse for all intents and purposes. Here, the laws of Sigil affect the laws over everywhere. It can be said that the laws of Sigil serve as a focus for the laws of the multiverse. Who creates the laws of Sigil? Nobody, they have been set in place at the beginning of time. It is simply our job to discover and interpret them. Pundits might say that we create and legislate them, but this is a falsehood that is misconstrued by all those who do not understand the perfection and clarity of law. We simply discover the truths that we are intended to find."

Faction Overview

The Fraternity of Order (or Guvners) is one of the three members of the Triad of Sigilian Law, Justice, and Order, the other two being of course the Mercykillers and the Harmonium respectively. It is the belief of the Fraternity of Order that the multiverse is ruled by certain laws and orders. It's their goal to uncover these laws: while it's true that they exist, they're certainly dark, and it's going to take a lot of work to uncover exactly what they are. Only the highest of the factors of the Guvners even know one Axiom (that's a fundamental principle of the multiverse). With knowledge of an Axiom comes that knowledge of how to bend that rule... how to exploit the natural laws of the multiverse, how to slip through the cracks of existence. Of course, it isn't easy to do this... it takes years of study just to begin to grasp the logic hidden behind the discovered Axioms. The more manipulative of the members of the Fraternity of Order believe once they learn how to use the laws of the multiverse that they'll be able to do anything, overcome any obstacle... and get rid of anyone who might stand in their way.

The current factol of the Fraternity of Order is Factol Hashkar, a short and obsessed dwarf who's managed to take "boring" to a new level. He's so focused completely on law and order that it's difficult to believe that he's actually a mortal. In fact, the Revolutionary League has begun to spread disturbing chant about him: rumor is that he's actually a petitioner/of Sigil. What does that mean? It means, well... he would have worshipped The Lady of Pain... then, when he shuffled off his mortal coil, he would have been reborne in Sigil, a veritable dead soul who paid homage to The Lady. But here's the thing... The Lady don't like worshippers. Those that worship her end up dead on the streets of Sigil, flayed by Her Serenity. What's the truth? Nobody knows, but in the Hall of Speakers, Hashkar's always a firm proponent of law and order (obviously) in the streets of Sigil.

In the Administration of the City, it is the Fraternity of Order that "interprets" the laws of the city and incorporates them into the books of Sigilian law. They discover the laws, the Harmonium enforces them, and the Meryckillers punish those that break them. It is the Triad of Law that keeps the peace in Sigil. The Fraternity of Order also serves as the administrators of the City Courts, their headquarters in Sigil. All suspected law-breakers are brought their before their judges to have their guilt or innocence judged. Those that are innocent are let go. Those that are guilty get handed over to Mercykillers.

Faction Life

The Fraternity of Order lends itself to scholars and bookworms. Almost all the members of the faction are involved with knowledge of some sort or another. Some pour over legal texts, trying to divine new laws. Others take their act to the interpretation of the law, becoming advocates or judges within the City Courts of Sigil. Others write detailed treatises about the nature of law itself within Sigil. Some travel through the city, observing actions and reactions between various forces in order to create cohesive hypothesises about natural law in Sigil.


The Harmonium and Mercykillers are obviously friendly to the Fraternity of Order, seeing as how they create the Triad of Sigilian Law and finish the Rule (or, as the Guvners might say, Axiom) of Threes. The groups stick together, vote together, and work together in their relentless desire to bring law, order, and justice to Sigil.


The Xaositects and Revolutionary League are diametrically opposed to the Fraternity of Order. While the Xaositects are completely against the base tenets of the Fraternity of Order, believing the multiverse is chaos while the Fraternity believes that it is law, the Anarchists oppose the Guvners on principle. First, the Fraternity of Order is all about structure, and the Anarchists are about tearing said structure down. Secondly, the Anarchists know that the Fraternity of Order is the staple of the other two factions of order: without them, the Harmonium would get more aggressive and the Mercykillers more brutal. Finally, the Fraternity of Order is a faction. These are three things counting against the Fraternity, and their Courts often find themselves the target of Anarchist subterfuge.

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