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Voila!'s Dictionary of Planar Cant
T H I R D . E D I T I O N

Being a Living Dictionary of Cant
used in Sigil and the Planes

Copyright 1997-2000 by Jon Winter and many others

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26th May:
... one hundred and twenty new cant terms ...
... plus, all the terms from the Official PS Sources! ...

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Voila Says

Catch a Skeg at this, Lemons! It ain't flam, or send me to the WhistlesEt Voila!

"If that don't make sense to you, cutter, maybe you should spend a while reading my cant dictionary. Sure, any cony knows words like "blood" and "dead-book", but if you thought that was all there was to the Cant of the planes, you're an addle-cove for sure.

"You'll also notice I've included some of the "Rhyming Slang" that native Cagers occasionally use. It's particularly popular with the Anarchists and the Xaositects, though Sensate bards and other bloods are tumbling to the dark of it all.

"Another big area of cant comes from the costers, or stall-holders in the Great Bazaar. Maybe because they're in each other's company all day, they've developed a rich and varied cant all of their own. I've described some of this to help you when you're out hunting for a bargain.

"Anyway, I'll leave you to it. I've even organised it all alphabetical for you. Ain't I the philanthropist? In return, I'd be much obliged if you'd drop me word of any cant you happen to catch a skeg of. Cheers.

"Watch the Spire, bloods."


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Is there a piece of cant or an imaginative insult
you've picked up or created yourself
that you'd like to share?

If so, please use the form below to submit it to this page. Cheers!

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Thanks to all these bloods who've submitted cant
even those that got deleted in the recent cull :-)

Alex Roberts (oom-yah, froungy, post-monger, bubble, bleeder, Cadaverous Knights, can, Dispater's Children, firewalker, Godswalk, Great Void, knifespider, Parochial God, Rule of Fives, maniarch, sandreckoner, the Shell, Sign of None, Shuttered World, Tanar'ri martyr, Touchie-Feelie, Void Mephit, diabolate)

Phil Smith (two greens and up goes the fhorge [with apologies to Terry Pratchet :-], kroofroodi, gelugonner, damyan, aasol, mibix, hhrunt, aargreggler, praises, bariaur insult, githzerai insult)

Roland Swingler (talking book, chessboard, the Anthill, rig, doughty up, currymushy, tippler, Ladies in Waiting [my phrase, inspired by Roland's "layers" submission]... gandA)

Center of All (tief, skilter, rounder, Lady watcher, quipper, barkle, philosophisle, ringwalker, Athar insult, halfspire)

Ruin deKaye (follow, lost unfound, bleed, dubber, for the Mazes, sour, Lady's word, bally)

Alec Fleschner (leafer, whipstitch, playing mimir)

Ford (caloo, gleaming pip, proxy insult)

John (werny)

Ryan Carlyle (scribblers)

Pierre Dubois (hotter than a balor's breath, scribe of the dead book)

Autumn Skye Port (bob up)

Ian Watson (it's a demi-plane)

David "Draegarius" Alexander (Sigilians and Sigilites, gelt, running a red one, running a black one)

Brannon Hollingsworth (clash and clatter)

Tom Bubul (roosters, in boxes and pieces, picking the purse)

Emannuel Reichert (living-book, regained the colour, anb, marionette, double 'less, lord of entropy, ultimate light, Styx swimmer, the empty bubbles, smart as a canoloth, son of Hermes, thirsty as a vampire, sunfly)

John Kastronis (ice, lemon)

Juan Pablo Zariquiey (Krargo, telon)

Joshua Jarvis (square)

Leonid Zamdborg (lousy extremist)

Daniel Clarke (jirk, jinkkings, wishful thinking)

Sean Miner (Mountie, Harvey, ghostwalking)

Karl Anders Rostrup (dodder)

Jason Lewis (yark, yarking)

Vivre Draco (jangled up)

Jason Lewis (yark, yarking, strange egg)

Burke Drew (whistler, walking into the Lady's shadow, whispers, waltzing with a whistler, shed, scragged, dragged and bellied or scragged, dragged and swallowed, jinkster, jink-monger, junk-jinker, jinker, running a green one, faith-fool)

David Joslyn (back-flapper, coal biter, dizzy, stretched to the 'rakers)

Kylo Cedarsmoke (Zu'ling, Tanar'ling, Loth'ling)

Lionspaw (bariaur insult)

Wraith (shamblers)

Karen Anderson (nark, bolt, Buckley's chance)

Pol Jackson (spoonbender)

Obsidian (rule of Fives)

Monica Bower (ninny-chanter, jaw dice)

Sean Curtin (sparkle-stick, newt, apple chaser)

Seth (keeper)

Ando (powder

Kristjan Wegert (oi)

Moorcoff (go hug razorvine)

Bal the Bleaknik (wasted, waster, realm, giant's pace, kobold king, lifted, siren, jester, void, spike)

Aaron Infante-Levy (raising the flag)

Bart van Riet (counting)

Belarius (athryn's orb, musties, veil-face, serenade, law's gnashers, senseless)

David Joslyn (tickled, dizzy-tickled, tickler, flame tickler, stone tickler, wave tickler, wind tickler, ticklish)

'Los (tinman, parrot, dirty halo, opium, oasis, sandman, puppeteer, honey peeler, the game, the faith mine, boxer, faithless, thought slave, little soldeir boy, emptying, brick in the wall, spire climb, bring to the circle, can, soul case, soul bag, soul broker, soul breath, maggot-grown, chessboard, chessman, castling, checking, holding the halos, bloody halo, lost en passant, mushrooming, legion, horde, metal militia, crow's mile)

Vladimir P. Filipovic (backring, jinkbasher, thorn, skin, skinner, hark, laughing hand, gad, mark, bark)

Wes Schneider (black diamond, wet cage, take a dip, deep dip, foamed up)

Cognitive Dissidents13 (golem's truth, troll steak, not in good shape)

Nicky Noordzij (scrip it)

Matt Maybray (to styx)

Heiner de Wendt (new sayings)

Toshi (shifty)

Paradox (styx it)

Willaim D (soloth)

Chris Crowe (tanar'ri's chance in Nessus)

DerekBW (whoreson...)

John T. Wright (Faction insults: Law-fools, flamhatchers, fashion sheep, greasers. crows, knownothings, fhorgers, 'shrooms, rotters, mindlessblots, bookburners, tools, Fraid league, worthless; the Laugh, keynapped, a turn or two, rustler, blek, rust, jinkskirt, rustling, conduit rider, lemon trees, trying the taps, razorwine, bloodbath, cross piking, crow feeder, feeding the crows, twixt the Lady and the 'loths, leaf-binders, jark, tag, idea-pot, jark jink, worms, under the Lady's shadow)

Jim Gonidakis (shout, stitch, grail, rag, rag picker, flamed, Deva's smile, clean as the foundry, skinned, dustman insult, quid, squid insult, air dancer, dogface, brainstorm)

Chris Nichols (bloodlust, bit, lovelorn, howl, mephitman, slaad & modron insults, brick beast, belly of the brick beast, biter, wagger, conjunct, Pain's child, xvim)

Klat'Chak (wasters, sun-scorched)

Troy Thompson (scrub)

Puck (blitz, diced, drape, take a triv)

Christopher Record (boonies, Godvoid)

Ken Lipka (squeezer, original inspiration)

Mike (bleacher)

Rule of Three's (githzerai insult)

Quinn (giant beer)

Dan Dobbins (retrieving, tunneljacked)

Jarkman (grinner, spider-kisser, zounds, gour, mandy, gannet, bub-bawling, half-a-turn back, not for all the jink in Bytopia, bubbed till the cup's overflowing)

Jim Butler (stagmeister)

The Groke (split the bean, black box, carnies, slaad-toothed, skanking, safe as squid, the Groke)

Katclaw (be open to, blaster, bought the burg, headholes, laisted, led around by the short sword, scriber, swath, foam, swaps, plane, swag, swagger, cut his chords, cut her knees out, half head, deadman's tree, cake, score some cake, take a cakewalk, piece of cake, jinkscore, stype, peal)

Scott Kelley (torqued off)

Greg Jensen (bug, Justicars, Marauders, boonies)

Darkstar (scar)

Jestin Lightner (fhorge, deadhead, lively as a Dustman)

Dustin Dean (narfle)

Schonne (jinglings, stamped and clamped, trolley-womped)

Jeff Meyer (prod, varma, skiff, pincher, frag)

Jeremy Owen (stitch your lips)

Bob bob bob (blasters)

Paul Wolfe (scrape, zills, skag, jinkflip)

Ehren (zip, you thinker)

Sebastian Cerutti (sticks)

C. Walsh (Windy)

Richard Gant (mimir)

Arne Fivelstad (bloodcrow)

Raishe (za, jungle fever, mindhacker, bad neighbourhood, go flip a fork, milk, sickness, soot-fountains)

Jeremiah Golden (spireclimber)

Nick Ring (mindnick, inker)

Mat Maybray (galbas, branch out, xaeax)

Destrain (dazzle)

Gristan (earn a page, tick of the gears)

Barry Burch (wonky)

John Hanson (softhead)

Jangriman (go kiss a succubus)

Eschlon (beat by the monkeys)

Rister (mercur)

Lurxst (fold)

Chris Ojeda (bite the iron)

Yakomo (jumping out the window)

Brace Cormaerlis (sword)

Howard (the significance of 23)

Winter Deathman (bubber-box, metal cup only, unseen)

Joel Gilbert (counting worms, delivering the mail, trumpeting the archons, laying out the red carpet)

Beleg (game of chess)

Joe Sullivan (slipping the knot)

Imberline Kher'khirai (bribe the bellman)

Mike King (finger, codger)

Belarius (wasteward, soupward, gearward, joyward)

Brian Corvello (gearhead, puppet, geartown, when the lady speaks, bad blood. blizzard in baator, gearhead, sigil's enigma, old bonehead, fiend food, fiend of blades, blood of the war, bloodtown, thor's tantrum, creature of belief)

Chimerasame (paramortal, second turns, smiley)

Captain Howdy (dancing with slaadi)

Geann'a'lisch (coney, kill a coney, hunt heads)

Will the Red-Eyed (go roll your cap, rough, smooth, slippery, catch a ratatosk, sprout roots, fourth rule, fingerpaints, time mephit, to styx)

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Thanks also to cullers Adam Waldstein
(who suggested the revision in the first place)
and Alex Roberts, Scott Kelley, and John Wright.

The "official" cant from Planescape sourcebooks has also been included, primarily from The Planewalkers Handbook.

I (that's Jon, berk!) made up all the rest meself,
or found 'em in this here barmy slang book:

Slang: To-Day and Yesterday,
Eric Partridge, Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd. 1954.

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The Mephit Code - A Lower Planar Diplomatic Language

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Consult the Mimir Again