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Brix's Guide to Sigil

Nowhere and Anywhere in the Hive Ward

Well, as we all know that the Hive is the most chaotic part of Sigil, but what happens when a rouge anarchist takes with him some chaos matter and seeks refugee in Sigil?

Xaco"#ti is created.....

What does Xaco"#ti look like? It beats me.

All I know is that it is ever-changing, well, not ever changing, only when CoTi (Planar / race and sex unknown / Converts / CN-G, it depends on who and what day you ask) prefers it such.

Sometimes it looks like a house, other times like a cow, and sometimes it is not. If you ever see a moving mass of, well something you know that CoTi is moving, but not always, sometimes.

So what happens to those (like myself) foolish enough to enter? Actually.. they are greeted pleasantly. CoTi is very welcoming, but he has become a little barmy lately, and the interior shows. It is hard to keep the chaos matter strict in Sigil, and she is quite lonely.

Many may believe this place is liked by the Chaosmen, but no, they'd be very wrong.... Why this is, nobody really knows, but it might be related to an incident when a Guvner (may've been an Anarchist though) claimed that he had found order in the Xaco"#ti. The Chaosmen, in revenge, threw apples at the judge in a trial, but they've never been friendly towards the place since...

About the interior; lately the interior has become quite strange. The story goes it was once very pleasant and orderly, but nowadays everything is in complete chaos. Gravity, light, furniture, colours, the air, everything.... has become changed. So those who enter (like myself) are quite foolish, indeed. But he seems to ignore these err... facts.  

Even more lately some factions (both the chaotic, and the lawful, especially the Guvners) want to enter Xaco"#ti when it is in a habitable form and somehow learn the secret of transporting Xaos matter. But CoTi's mouth is for now shut on that subject.


Copyright 1999 by Kristian Berland

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