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Brix's Guide to Sigil

The Sculptors' Guild
Slate Street, Guildhall Ward

Deep within the section of Sigil known as the Guildhall Ward, scattered amongst the hundreds of other artisans, there is a building where all the great Sculptors work. This building is 40 feet high, 100 feet long and equally as wide. The walls are made from numerous kinds of stone from every plane. The stones vary in colour, size, texture, density and shape. The random placement of these stones in the wall makes for a beautiful mixture of style and architecture. An elaborate granite sign hangs above the buildings' 25 feet tall vaulted archway that reads, "Sculptors Paradise". On either side of the archway stands a 20 feet tall statue of an armoured man holding a large sword against his chest which is aimed at the sky.

After entering through the archway, all visitors find themselves in the main hall. This room is circular with a large domed ceiling and filled with statues of creatures from the planes. Each statue is a representation of the "greatest" example a plane has to offer: Balor, Pit Fiend, Solar, etc. These statues have their arms upraised and hold the ceiling in place. A representative of the Guild greets all visitors that enter the main hall. Usually this representative is an old Human man with gnarled hands named Jared. He is the caretaker of the Guild and will give all visitors a tour of the facility (first floor only) as well as introduce them to an artisan for a particular order if they so choose. Inside the Guild there are numerous work studios where projects are being completed, courses are being taught and apprentices are practising their trade. One thing is true of this whole building; all the rooms are exquisitely decorated with stone work and statues.

The Sculptors Guild works closely with the Builders' Fellowship for a large percentage of their business. Most of the Guild members are humans, dwarves and gnomes. These artisans will work on any project that they are commissioned for. Details of the project such as time requirements, cost, material, etc. are arranged and agreed upon before work is begun. The Guild requires that half of the final sum be due before the work begins. The cost of the work is quite expensive (almost double the normal cost), but the finished product is well worth the money. Guild members are obligated to give a percentage of the project's price to the guild (25%). For this percentage, members are given free food, lodging and clothes in the Guildhall.

All members of the Guild wear a special symbol to show their allegiance. The symbol is of a necklace with hammer and chisel crossing one another in an "X" shape made of stone. There are three levels of membership within the Guild. The first is as an apprentice. These members wear a simple symbol made from granite. To become an apprentice, candidates must win a sponsor and show some skill with the tools. The second level is a full member. To become a member, a person must spend six years as an apprentice and work on at least five major pieces before being allowed full Guild Membership. These members wear a more elaborate version of the symbol, made from a special stone from Carceri that is red in colour. The final level is a Grand Master. These members have been with the Guild for at least thirty years and have perfected their trade. They are the greatest sculptors that the Guild can offer. The Sculptors' Guild is led by an ancient dwarf named Turgar (490 years old). He was elevated to this position because he is the oldest member still alive. Only the greatest, most expensive commissions are completed by Turgar. It is considered a great honour to have this Grand Master artisan complete a project for you. His latest creation, a sculpture of the Lady of Pain, was erected on the roof of the City Court in a great ceremony. People openly wept at the similarity to the Lady that Turgar captured in his masterpiece.

All the finest statues found around Sigil's six wards were created by the Guild. The rich and powerful from the Lady's Ward come here to have their likeness immortalised in stone as well as the priests from the numerous temples found around Sigil want their powers' likeness made more grand than the others. The most interesting business that the Guild is involved in is the creation of magical items. There are a number of Guild Mages that deal exclusively with the creation of these speciality items. The most popular item is the Stone Golem. These, like all statues, are made to order. This service is not generally advertised, but it is the best in the multiverse. The Guild itself is guarded by ten clay and stone golems that are located around the building.

To the observant visitor, they will notice that the size and number of rooms inside the Guild do not match the outside dimensions. Great magics have been employed to make more working space inside a small building. Because of the amount of work that occurs here, two sub levels exist inside the Guild. The first sub-level is where most of the actual work occurs. The main floor is just for show and teaching. The first sub level is all workshops and living quarters. Since most artists truly "live" their work, each studio room is equipped with a bed, chest, dresser and all the sculpting tools required. The second sub level is where all the Guild's senior members live, the dining hall, kitchen and portals to all the Outer Planes (an underground mine on each Plane) as well as a portal to the elemental plane of Earth. The portal to the elemental plane of Earth is uncommon, in that the end in the Guild is permanent and the other end shifts. Depending upon the day of the week, the portal leads to different areas on the elemental plane of Earth. Each area is made up of different kinds of stone that is mined by the guild and brought back to Sigil to be worked on.


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