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Ashen Buckler (Ash, Conjuration/Summoning) (by Itzhak Even)

Level: 1
Range: 0
Components: V, S, M
Area of Effect: Caster
Casting time: 1
Duration: Till dispelled
Saving throw: None

The caster of this spell creates a small buckler, made of ash, that floats in front of him. The buckler moves with amazing speeds to parry all incoming attacks against the caster and absorbs the damage they were supposed to cause. It can absorb upto to 2 points of damage per level of the caster, to a maximum of 30 points of damage.

Only 1 such spell can be active at any given time and it cannot be in effect while the caster as any spell upon him that prevents attacks from hitting him completely, be it Stone skin or even Protection from normal missiles, but it will work along with spells that reduce the caster's AC or other spells that increase his "ghost" number of HP like this spell.

The material component is a miniature brass buckler (worth 5 sp) that is smeared with ash. The component is consumed in the casting.

Soot Ball (Ash, Invocation) (by Itzhak Even)

Level: 1
Range: 20 yards
Components: V, S
Area of effect: 10 radius
Casting time: 1
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving throw: Special

When this spell is cast it creates a 10 radius sphere of soot that causes 1d4 points of damage for every odd level of the caster (maximum of 5d4 damage) to every creature in the area from the hot ash that falls on their skin and is being inhaled into their lungs. The soot also blinds those in the area for 1-2 rounds. A successful save vs. spells will half the damage and prevent the blindness from occurring.

Ashen Reconstruction (Alteration, Elemental-Ash) (by Itzhak Even)

Level: 5
Range: 20 yards
Components: V,S,M
Duration: Permanent
Casting Time: 1 turn
Area of Effect: 1 item
Saving Throw: Special

The casting of this spell causes the reconstruction of a burned item from its remaining ashes, even if only a small piece of the original item remains. The item is permanently restored, although it may still once again be burned. Items reconstructed do not regain their magical enchantments but retain their original quality and material, and may be enchanted again. Ashen reconstruction can affect up to 20 cubic feet of volume per level of the caster (this area of effect is true for the item's original size).

To successfully be reconstructed, the leftover remains of the item must save vs. crushing blow as the material they were before being burned (i.e., the ash of a burned ship would save as wood). Should the item be made up of a multitude of materials (like a ship), it saves like the material that composed the majority of its original mass.

The material components of the spell are a small piece of the original item that survived the burning, some of that item's ash and a jigsaw puzzle worth at least 50 gp.

Object to Ash (Ash, Alteration), Reversible (by Itzhak Even)

Level: 7
Range: 5 yards/level
Components: V, S, M
Area of effect: 1 object
Casting time: 4
Duration: Permanent
Saving throw: Neg.

The caster shoots from his hand a black ray and aims it a single object within 5 yards per level of his. The item so struck must save vs. disintegration at 2 (note that it doesn't matter if it s being wielded or not) or it will turn into ash. The spell may seem similar to disintegrate but it can only affect nonliving material and is reversible. The caster can affect a single object whose volume does not exceed 5 cube per level of the caster but the material can be anything, it doesn't affect only objects that can be burned down so even metal an be affected.

The reverse spell ash to object will cause a pile of ash to return to its former shape, including items that were destroyed using this spell.

The material components are a pinch of ash and a zombie's bone.

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