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A Day in the Life
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The Silver Tongue
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Brix's Guide to Sigil
R E V I S I O N - O N E

By the Magic Invested in this Tome, Today's Date in Sigil is Hereby Declared as:

[Please see the Ken Lipka's Sigil Calendar for more information...]
[NB: Your browser needs java capability to view the date]

Brix's GuideCongratulations on safely purchasing and opening Brix's Guide to the Cage...(if you'd stolen it, you'd have been fried by the firetrap I placed on the cover, so at least you were an honest cutter). I think we're going to get along just fine...

I am Brix, earth mephit, author and explorer, and your guide to Sigil, at least on this occasion. Within these magical pages you will learn much about the Cage, its inhabitants and their favourite places. Anyway, enough introduction from me...rattling my bone box on and on never was my strong point. Open the book to any page and you'll find a wealth of information, advice and tales of times past.

Remember, it may not all be true...

Table of Contents
A Day in the Life of a Cager

Chant on the Cage

Clerk's Ward

Guildhall Ward

Hive Ward

Lady's Ward

Lower Ward

Market Ward


Copyright 1998, 1999 by Jon Winter, Alex Roberts and respective authors
Editor: Alex Roberts (please send submissions to

Based on an original idea by Chris Nichols, book graphic by Jeremiah Golden

Congratulations to prize winning entrants Greg Jensen (La Pax), Jachyras (Jonas' Visions), Gregg Fuller (the Drunken Dabus Inn), Belarius (the Behemoth), Pol Jackson (the Goblin Quarter), Joshua Jarvis (the Happy Medium and the Silver Tongue), and Tom Bubul (A Day in the Life of a Cager)

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