Mapping the Infinite
Mapping the Infinite

Being a Gallery of Impossibilities Made Possible by Belief

Copyright 2000 by Jon Winter (text and maps) and Chris Appehans (artwork)

How Many Ways Can You Draw Everything?

Well, quite a few, actually. While no planewalker who knows his onions will ever say "Yeah, that's the right way to map the planes", it's a cert that each one will have a favourite, preferred way of doing it.

Why bother trying to map something that's fundamentally unmappable? Well, cutter, it's a question of philosophy, that. The best way to understand something is to see it with your own eyes. Each of the visualisations you'll find below are merely ways of looking at the problem of mapping infinity. Sure, none of them are The Truth, but when you consider each for it's own merits, you'll begin to understand The Way Things Are. And that, as any rounder'll tell you, is the most important lesson of all.

So here then are a group of maps, each telling their own story, and excerpts from the jounals of cutters who've travelled where no cutter's ever set foot. I'll fill in the gaps where it's needed, cutter, and explain why each looks the way it does. Of course, all this is on the understanding that if you hear of another way, you'll let me know so I can spread your dark around. Got that? Good...


Mapping the Infinite

Twelve Ways to Map Infinity:
The Mobius Theory

Burbank Ralopolis:
Beyond the Planes

Thento Ixera:
The Well of Worlds

Where have all the Dragons Gone?
Lung Tzu:
Where Are All the Dragons?
Synjyn the Exile
Extra Dimensional Theory

Kristias Fireflight
Quasi Elemental Exotica

Inner Planes

Puras Ignitus:
A Question of Dimensions

The Cordant Planes

Leir the Explorer:
The Cordant Planes

Great Great Ring

Magnum Opus:
The Great Great Ring

Outer Planes

Soma Purusha:
Infinite Creatures

Planar Stacking

Na'Tak Karari:
The Planar Pillar

Modron Conspiracy

The Modron Conspiracy

Consult the Mimir Again